Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Still Looking for the Disco

*dusting off cobwebs* ( I wish. haha. Any volunteers?)

This is pretty exciting. Writing for noone but yourself but on a chance that someone might chance upon this by accident or design. Noticed that chanced was twiced the previous sentence. I wonder if you can actually design a chance.

Its been an interesting 6 months or so since the last post. Much ado about nothing really. Except that my living conditions have deteriorated to the extent that I've 3 less functioning lights at home. The effort to get 3 lightbulbs exceeds the total sum of the monetary expenditure. I'm all for saving energy. Mine included.

Plumbing around the place seems to have taken a life of its own as well. I get soaked just by turning on the taps. Everytime I take a dump, I need to refill the WC after flushing because the water accumulation is so slow. Surely, there must be a way to divert the spitting taps to the WC.

Then, there's the laundrette. Despite my pleading, my clothes continue to shrink after every wash. Bloody hell, if its not for my sedentary lifestyle and hangovers from binge drinking, I would have gone over and instructed the auntie not to put the clothes in the dryer. I told my driver to tell her but it got lost in translation and now I'm investigating a missing white shirt although its difficult to do so from lying on the sofa and watching Asian Food Channel the whole day. That was a long sentence and surely missing a few commas.

I went to the office earlier because I felt guilty. About time I do something about it. My options include getting a sofa and Astro in the room and blackout curtains (whatever its called) or redesignate myself as "advisor". I'm more inclined to the latter due to the 'spiritual not physical' attachment to that position.

My neighbours are looking in again. I can't help it. I always blog naked.


Diphthong said...

Ho! Ho! Ho!

I accidentally clicked on your link (in my favourite folder) and what did i find??? YOU!!!!

btw, stop fretting about the laundry. your clothes didn't shrink. you grew. i thought my clothes shrunk too two years ago but they didn't.

ylanda said...

Your neighbours must either have superbionic eyesight, or they have actually started investing in a pair of binoculars.

9 said...

didn't someone give u a pair of sarongs not too longa ago so u wudn't hv to blog naked anymore?

sic6sense said...

dipthroat, I knew it had to be you (to be the first).

ylanda, u dont need google map to spot a huge anaconda.

9, i use it for official wear. like when the maintenance man is here.

no strings attached said...

Welcome back!

It's been a year since you started blogging naked.

keep up the good work ;)