Thursday, November 30, 2006

It must've been something I SNORT

I'm an Inverted Snob (IS).

Thankfully, this abnormality is confined to a perverse cynicism rather than a physical attribute. Like any inverted living body implement, a provoked inverted converts. There must be another comma somewhere. I'm just being an anal IS.

I've great appetite for food blogs. I chew and spit at their rather folksy assessment of canteen food which they pass off as some epicurean adventure. If a gweilo dishes out pak choy pasta, the raving approvals would make you think they discovered that their parents had physical fusion and didnt buy them from Tesco. Naturally, the gweilo is bestowed the title,"World Class Pasta Chef". He's probably still laughing while milking his cow in Parma.

Travel blogs are good to go too. I like the way these provincial bloggers take us through a journey of opening our eyes and expanding our minds. How else would I know that LA is a 'fantastic' city and culture is a huge shopping mall?

Since my life doesnt exclusively revolve around blogs, I'm also an IS at work, play, home, pub, airplane, car, people.

You wouldnt understand.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

SIC In Motion

Just when I needed a release by posting, I've run out of batteries. So I'll do a quick one.

yes? No? YES! OH YEAH!!! YESSSSS!!!

that felt good. I'll remember to bring the power cord home tomorrow. I'm back.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Post You Should Never Do

Is there an optimum structure to a post?

Should it be this SIZE?







A picture could tell a story.

Sometimes words are preferred.

"It wasnt a nightmare, the Twin Towers did collapse."

The grammar police might be watching your dotted ayes and crossed tees,

but its not a crime if U wish 2 right da wey U one 2 coz Yo Da Man!!


The next post will be on the 14th where I may just Strip down and Bare all since it's the anniversary of the 1st post. Bugger, blogging on holiday.

Shite. The flight is in a few hours and I havent started packing my smelly shoes.


Friday, November 03, 2006

Blogging WRITES

True Happiness is to Have One's Passion as a Profession...Alain Silberstein

His mantra, delicately inscribed in soft metal, resonates through all his creations. You wonder though; "Is he really happy?"" Clever marketing?". A bit of both, but more likely, it principally serves to sustain his motivation in validating his choice of vocation. His stature in the horological world is unclear. His creations are not technically innovative and the designs are at best, Pop Art Warhol.

Its been an interesting few weeks or so as far as blogs entries are concerned. Intriguing stuff like bloggers writing for 'free', writers defending their profession, bloggers aspiring to be writers, and writers attempting to blog. Since the contagion effect and the chaos theory are in motion, I would like to add to the noise level..........

"Kicking a ball doesnt make you a footballer. If you happened to be one, plying your trade in the 2nd Division of the Malaysian League, Alain Silberstein would be a good role model."

In fairness, I dont think Alain desires great wealth from his work. It can't buy him accolades.