Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I shouldnt have drank a gallon of green tea

Just to make sure blogger doesnt erase this blog for inactivity, a yearend post.

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I still can't write but here are my wishes for the new year.

A king's booty and a peasant's body for me. As for the rest of you, lets make the number 1 most popular website in the world by sending in naked pics of your unsuspecting partners.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Boomtown Rats' "I dont like Mondays" tonight is pretty upbeat. Much like those old Italian and Spanish songs of plenty verve with morose lyrics. The ones we sing-a-long to

~ 'My father is so pooRrr'
' He couldnt afford to buy a razor'
'to slash his wRist'

I must be Malaysian.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Sicko United 2008

Its been a long time since the original list. With less money to spend (last team got relegated), I'm buying local with the exception of one. He's pretty cheap anyway.

Sicko United 2008

Goalkeeper. Khairy Jamaluddin. Nothing gets past him.

Rightback. Alex Yoong (again) in A1 GP. After 2 seasons of relative success, he rediscovered his form (at right behind the others).

Centreback 1 and 2. Andrea Fonseka. A pair of perky ones.

Leftback. Hans Isaac. His partner got hitched.

Righthalf. K Fed. The court judged him to be the better parent.

Defensive midfielder. Samy Vellu. He covers his line well and is never at fault.

Playmaker. Pak Lah. Spreads (big cabinet) and passes out (zzzz) the play conveniently.

Left winger. Anwar Ibrahim. He's still working the channels with his mazy runs.

Nippy striker. Raja Petra Kamaruddin. He loves to shoot but rarely scores.

Big striker. Datuk K. He certainly scored big time.

Manager. Son of Bhutto. He's already plotting for the future.