Saturday, January 12, 2008


Boomtown Rats' "I dont like Mondays" tonight is pretty upbeat. Much like those old Italian and Spanish songs of plenty verve with morose lyrics. The ones we sing-a-long to

~ 'My father is so pooRrr'
' He couldnt afford to buy a razor'
'to slash his wRist'

I must be Malaysian.


ghost of said...

I thought you were an ardent Siti fan. You do seem to have a thing for the dashing lanun looks(not quite Jack Sparrow), charm and Melayu male bravado of Datuk K?

Boomtown...........Ah yes, very early 80's. :)

danyanova said...

Still blogging naked I see.

Nice...(Borat-sounding) ;)

Leen Ash Burn said...

All that hiatus and you still cannot make sense? Hmph.

drama mama said...

Aiyoma. He's back!!

*raises a flute of belanja-ed sangria*


The Cat in a hat said...

MMmmm By seem to have links here from many places..Nice to read u again.
Cheers ol' fren, c u soon
Cat in the Hat

Anonymous said...

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Diphthong said...

oi bang, update la.