Thursday, September 28, 2006


"Arsenal vice-chairman David Dein has promised Arsene Wenger a job for life as he celebrates his 10th anniversary as manager of the Gunners. "


Resigned 10 times today. Yesterday, it was 5 times. If this upward trend continues, the job might be out of me. (you got to be kidding! There are at least 156,447 people in this city alone who can do a better job.)

I like the idea of being put out to pasture. (early retirement is only for the invalid, bozo!)

I could spend time on my hobbies. (hobbies are only for those who need a distraction from work, MacGyver!)

Social work is my calling. (Oi! The lost cause starts HERE!)

Ok ok I'll look for something "productive". (Hahaha.. you put the 'un' in productive, UNCLE)!)

So Mr. Smartass, what should I do then? (*beep*)


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Mental Notes

I'm doing this little experiment of marrying Rococo's Baroque with minimalist Zen-like ideas. The two schools of design are antithesis of each other and conceptually, sits uneasily together. Baroque overwhelms with drama and superfluity where Zen is tranquil and measured.

The idea is to live within a Zen environment with the occasional indulgence in visual drama when you choose to do so. Like a peep show.


Attempted some haiku the last few days, even left a haiku comment on drama mama's entry:

Reflective man, I'm.
You see yourself stripping down,
when you look at me.

What I like about this haiku is that the lines are interchangeable and the message remains.

When you look at me,
you see yourself stripping down.
Reflective man, I'm.

When you look at me,
I am a reflective man.
You strip yourself down.

Did a few more today but its hard work trying to keep to the rules of classical haiku. ie. 5 x 7 x 5 syllable, 17 in total.


Something's not right with the political climate. Its simmering down to a pulp after some vicious exchanges. When it gets quiet, a lot of plotting is going on.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Amazing Flying Panda

Religious affiliation, I have none. I've embraced the practice of it before but that was a long time ago.

The real world tribulations that inflict us on a daily basis, challenge our faith, ask questions and create greater conflicts. I'm not an expert in theology but through my studies of the prophecies of men and observations of the different denomination and branches of main religions, I'm further from the truth. I may not embrace organized religion but my sense of spirituality is occasionally piqued through a journey of self discovery.

Have you thought that religions that preach divinity could all be right? If so, then there must a God. All it takes is one of them to be right, actually.

God created little imperfections of himself. He calls them, his children. He intended them different, not because it will make the world an interesting place, but it provides a counter balance and check against each other.

Can you imagine otherwise? A world which is united by one faith. The leader of men, a Mr Mortal, would be so powerful that the lesser ones might think him divine. He would think so himself. That's why God wont allow it. Conflicts of men must therefore perpetuate.

I've no idea where I'm going with this but today at the long drawn board meeting, I was trying to resist the cakes since I had KFC for lunch. I finally succumbed 3 hours later when I heard the swiss roll calling out to me. "Eat me, eat me!" "I'll rollover and cream you!". The unloved muffins left standing, cried in unison, "Try us, try us!" "2 is better than 1!". I walloped everything.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Failure to Launch

"A successful career is just a prefabricated metaphor for those without a calling in life." according to this scrumptiously impractical person.

It sure feels like it these days. I figure that a horse whipping is needed to get cracking. If not, I remain just well hung.

Perusing through my options, I could be

1. The Monk who sold his Ferrari.
2. The Poor Man's M. Night Shyamalan, making the Sixth Sense spoof appropriately titled sic6sense.
3. A popular blogger.

Option 3 seemed the most viable as all I need to do is post pics of myself and let the award nominations begin. No sweat for a beefcake like me.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Damn Tired Post

I've slept a total of one day out of the last 10. I dont see dead people but I'm getting tired of the recycled conversations in my head. I wont listen anymore.


" " " " " " " " " " " " "" " " " ".

" " " "!

" ". " " " " " " " ".

" "!!

" " " ", " " " "?

"$ !"

" " " ".

" (A Mindless Conversation)

* Apparently, you learn more from what's not said.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Her Star is Bright

The music shop wasnt overly crowded but there was one too many person for my liking. I listlessly ran through the latest releases when the attendant meekly beckoned me over.

In a manner so hushed that made the French Resistance seemed like Le Carnaval, I correctly lip read "Paris". I wink and nodded in agreement and handed over my credit card to complete the transaction.

With the CD safely tucked away inside the black plastic bag, I asked him if the album was selling well. Apparently, it's the fastest selling album this year and the profile of the buyers is middle aged and men. Not feeling too good, I bought a Fat Boy Slim compilation to redress the crisis.

I dont know if I like her music but I do admire her. She's having such a good time being young, frivolous and smart. Noone else makes money from trash like she does.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Definitive 100th Post

Since this is the 100th post, I thought I should put in some effort instead of posting the usual cop out entries. A few like princessbonksallday, the brainless braless babe, a foxy mama and a Birdie have at some point requested I do some memes. 4 by 4 ones and 100 things about me type.

I dont do memes but I'll do mine. Alphabetically indecipherable.

Air Flown Dicey Act (aphro-di-siac) is my alternative monicker in the internet.

I Blog because he thinks it would be entertaining. Go shoot him.

C is the first letter of my name. The Baby Book of Names thinks its Lordly.

I won my first Dog over a game of chess. The State player who was leaving for London deliberately threw the game to an unsuspecting 5 year old. A beagle 'inspiredly' called Snoopy was adopted.

I indulge in Epicurian delights. The Good God not only showed me how to fish so I wont go hungry but taught me that a feast is not a buffet.

Fetish, if any, is a well rounded compact butt.

Gestures define a person according to Kundera. Gesticulating must then make me personable.

I find solace in my Hobbies. Collecting watches makes me tick.

Idols I have none but I do admire great thinkers.

My Juices overflowed when I discovered the joy of travel.

Kun Nee Naa Boo, I wont do, because apparently mothers do not have sex.

Liverpool, I love absolutely. It pleasured me no end when we beat Chelsea at the CL semifinal last year. "Sicko Went, Saw and Pleasured."

I've nearly completed the preamble/concept for a Movie I intent to produce. I'm looking for proper scripwriters and actresses. Rest assured, the nude scenes wont be shown and will only be used for personal consumption.

My first beemer 12 years back, was my roving partner until someone pointed out to me that the Number plate 6753 means Cock Can't Stand in Canto.

Oral is not Speech but Lip Service to me.

If my Penis is the size of my foot, I would walk barefooted.

I've Quixote tendencies. I once finished a bottle of whisky at a single sitting because I couldnt wait to open the next one.

Romantic is not something I do very well. Giving women lighters because they light up my life were my best moments.

Sex. Yes, Please!

Travelling to the Sahara and living with the Berbers would be splendid. I can just picture the sunset.

I fear Ulcers. Especially after giving Head.

Vanity is me. Sometimes my efforts are in vain.

I love a good Whisky. Wine I like too. I dont believe in blind tasting. A 1961 Lafite should be looked at because you are drinking a bit of history.

Xrated movies and porn dont tickle my fancy. Pocahontas does.

"Yesterday.. all my troubles seem so far away". Until I woke up this morning.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. 2.52 am. Clocking out.


Over to you, Lils! You promised.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Post before the 100th

I'm a walking zombie with zero credibility. Luckily, I look good and smell nice. You get away with these sort of things in our society or so I thought.

Just figured out the meaning of Crisis Management after screwing up 3 clients. Pass the problems to your happy chappy partner and tell everyone he's the boss.

Unfortunately, its not so simple. They rather screw me.

Monday, September 04, 2006

The Tinker


You know you're needed when a whole slew of problems awaits your return. So I'll do what I know best.

Catalogue the issues. It should make good seating.