Monday, September 11, 2006

Her Star is Bright

The music shop wasnt overly crowded but there was one too many person for my liking. I listlessly ran through the latest releases when the attendant meekly beckoned me over.

In a manner so hushed that made the French Resistance seemed like Le Carnaval, I correctly lip read "Paris". I wink and nodded in agreement and handed over my credit card to complete the transaction.

With the CD safely tucked away inside the black plastic bag, I asked him if the album was selling well. Apparently, it's the fastest selling album this year and the profile of the buyers is middle aged and men. Not feeling too good, I bought a Fat Boy Slim compilation to redress the crisis.

I dont know if I like her music but I do admire her. She's having such a good time being young, frivolous and smart. Noone else makes money from trash like she does.


tigerjoe said...

Your description makes it sound as if the shop promoter was trying to show you some hot stuff.

Was it actually the Paris album, or her DVD?


p.s. Mr Jameson says he will be around this Sunday. Just for the football.

Ms J said...

No one makes trash like trash itself!

(but i do admire her for having small titties in a country big on big 'uns)

Tigerjoe, along with Mr Jameson, will Ms Daniels be making an apearance as well?

lilyliverbird said...

you wot????

sic6sense said...

tigga, the album comes with a free dvd although i was hoping for full sized poster. To hang in the staff room, of course.

msj, yeah she's doin well despite her titties. saw THAT video and i thot her effort at giving head was pretty lame.

lils, i know you want one too. :p

nothing wrong with a bit of bros said...

I would have to go in full disguise if I ever suffered the lapse of reason to shell out money for a Paris Hilton CD.


(And this coming from a Closet Brosette *cringe cringe cringe* in the late 80s. Remember them ?) =))

lilyliverbird said...

bros owed no one nothing and still came out bankrupt

anttyk said...

Are the songs any good?

Anonymous said...

I would so have chatted you up if I was queueing behind you at the check out counter :)

Holding the Paris CD of course.


sicko said...

nothing wrong with bros?!..cant beat a "Duran-ie" here. i 'modelled' myself after roger taylor. *the shame*

lils, really? not big on bros here.

anttyk, haven got around to listening yet. when's ur bday? i'll give it to you as its still in the original wrapping.

danya, what would you say? btw, what happen to your blog?

[Is]landa said...

wot? no more listening to siti nurhaliza and ning baizura in the lovemobile?

anttyk said...

Hahahaha... No thanks. I'd rather have a frontal lobotomy. :P

Simone Le Bon(tot) said...

Hello... you can't beat ME for Duran Duran's No. 1 fan, OK? I was Simone Nicole Le Bon Rhodes Taylor Taylor (I couldn't bring myself to fancy Andy :P) for a while there.


lily: HAHAHA yeah!

lilyliverbird said...

Roger Taylor??????????


Did you wear lip gloss then?

sicko said...

paris, like others, will wear off. Roger Taylor was perhaps the most reserved of the lot. he didnt do much make up which my mother approved.

tigerjoe said...

Bro, the next time I see you, I will demand a rendition of Hungry Like The Wolf.

sicko said...

my fave is "Save A Prayer". I'm a good listener.