Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Definitive 100th Post

Since this is the 100th post, I thought I should put in some effort instead of posting the usual cop out entries. A few like princessbonksallday, the brainless braless babe, a foxy mama and a Birdie have at some point requested I do some memes. 4 by 4 ones and 100 things about me type.

I dont do memes but I'll do mine. Alphabetically indecipherable.

Air Flown Dicey Act (aphro-di-siac) is my alternative monicker in the internet.

I Blog because he thinks it would be entertaining. Go shoot him.

C is the first letter of my name. The Baby Book of Names thinks its Lordly.

I won my first Dog over a game of chess. The State player who was leaving for London deliberately threw the game to an unsuspecting 5 year old. A beagle 'inspiredly' called Snoopy was adopted.

I indulge in Epicurian delights. The Good God not only showed me how to fish so I wont go hungry but taught me that a feast is not a buffet.

Fetish, if any, is a well rounded compact butt.

Gestures define a person according to Kundera. Gesticulating must then make me personable.

I find solace in my Hobbies. Collecting watches makes me tick.

Idols I have none but I do admire great thinkers.

My Juices overflowed when I discovered the joy of travel.

Kun Nee Naa Boo, I wont do, because apparently mothers do not have sex.

Liverpool, I love absolutely. It pleasured me no end when we beat Chelsea at the CL semifinal last year. "Sicko Went, Saw and Pleasured."

I've nearly completed the preamble/concept for a Movie I intent to produce. I'm looking for proper scripwriters and actresses. Rest assured, the nude scenes wont be shown and will only be used for personal consumption.

My first beemer 12 years back, was my roving partner until someone pointed out to me that the Number plate 6753 means Cock Can't Stand in Canto.

Oral is not Speech but Lip Service to me.

If my Penis is the size of my foot, I would walk barefooted.

I've Quixote tendencies. I once finished a bottle of whisky at a single sitting because I couldnt wait to open the next one.

Romantic is not something I do very well. Giving women lighters because they light up my life were my best moments.

Sex. Yes, Please!

Travelling to the Sahara and living with the Berbers would be splendid. I can just picture the sunset.

I fear Ulcers. Especially after giving Head.

Vanity is me. Sometimes my efforts are in vain.

I love a good Whisky. Wine I like too. I dont believe in blind tasting. A 1961 Lafite should be looked at because you are drinking a bit of history.

Xrated movies and porn dont tickle my fancy. Pocahontas does.

"Yesterday.. all my troubles seem so far away". Until I woke up this morning.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. 2.52 am. Clocking out.


Over to you, Lils! You promised.


dilettanteP said...

Interesting Post!

But I am not too sure about some of the points mentioned using my 6sense...;(

anyhow, happy 100th blog!!! (if ever there is such a thing)...;)

lilyliverbird said...

You went for that match??? I hate chew...did you see Fowler???

p/s: Bugger. I didnt' think you would actually do this. Men are so unpredictible :P

Ms J said...

A meme like no other....

jemah choo said...

Ooh.. I see some editing has been done for entry 'Q'. ;)

And with regards to entry 'P', since I vaguely remember your shoe-size.. it makes me go... "Hmmmmm..."

>:) *LMAO*

thinktankgal said...

You sound familiar...have we met before? :)

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

i still don't like bra, i can't think and i think you would love my butt.

tigerjoe said...

Did we not, one time, ask for a fresh bottle despite having half a bottle still on the table? That was soon after we'd just finished a bottle too, no?

sic6sense said...

dilettante, thanks. i'm surprised it took this fast to reach the 100th. :p. Its not even a year, so i must be averaging a post every 3 days.

lils, you DARED me. so there.

ms j, you're tagged :D

toe jem choo, yes.i've big shoes.

ttg, well i'm familiar too many but known to few.

babe, so you're brainless braless BUTT a babe no less.

tigga, NO. you forgot the part where we had a few shorts in between the first and second bottle. :))

Leen Ash Burn said...

Ah, happy 100th! Because it's already 5 and the thing lodge in my head I sometimes call a brain goes on screen saver mode, I can only think bimbo thoughts so here goes: Nice meme!

madnoh said...

Gee, thanks for the credit. I think.. *scratches chin*

debs said...

I had a beagle too! We could have mated. :))

To a 100 posts more!

anttyk said...

For the first time, I didn't have to read your post a couple of times to understand it.

I must be getting smarter.

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