Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Failure to Launch

"A successful career is just a prefabricated metaphor for those without a calling in life." according to this scrumptiously impractical person.

It sure feels like it these days. I figure that a horse whipping is needed to get cracking. If not, I remain just well hung.

Perusing through my options, I could be

1. The Monk who sold his Ferrari.
2. The Poor Man's M. Night Shyamalan, making the Sixth Sense spoof appropriately titled sic6sense.
3. A popular blogger.

Option 3 seemed the most viable as all I need to do is post pics of myself and let the award nominations begin. No sweat for a beefcake like me.


lilyliverbird said...

you should have bolded that well hung bit if you wanna be a popular blogger :p

is that that guy from Chips?

yati said...

woooo hoooo Eric Estrada!

the dodgier the better said...

Aiyo Ma.. wot a blast from the past. Eric Estrada from CHiPs! I used to date someone whom I swear is his doppelganger. (The shame, as my learned and friend here would say :P)

"If not, I remain just well hung."

I so want to comment on that but I shall exercise uncharacteristic restraint. :P


dilettanteP said...

"A successful career is just a prefabricated metaphor for those without a calling in life."

That is so true, sic6sense.

Good luck.

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

did you shave your bulu dada?

thinktankgal said...

Pls dont tell me you think you look like Eric...I like him when I was kiddies :P

tigerjoe said...

Whatever makes you happy, Ponch. LOL

[Is]landa said...

sickos' bulu dada is very sexy ;)

sicko said...

yes, its me. I am the Ponch.

Its my road.
Its my rules.

Ms J said...

aww..you were Eric Estrada in your previous life?? love that bushy hair, not sure about that orangey sun-bed tan thouugh. you are now definitely my favourite male blogger after the 'well hung' statement - as my other favourite male blogger Pseudo is too busy romancing his lass to make such claims.

sicko said...

pseudo bought a new bicycle??