Thursday, September 28, 2006


"Arsenal vice-chairman David Dein has promised Arsene Wenger a job for life as he celebrates his 10th anniversary as manager of the Gunners. "


Resigned 10 times today. Yesterday, it was 5 times. If this upward trend continues, the job might be out of me. (you got to be kidding! There are at least 156,447 people in this city alone who can do a better job.)

I like the idea of being put out to pasture. (early retirement is only for the invalid, bozo!)

I could spend time on my hobbies. (hobbies are only for those who need a distraction from work, MacGyver!)

Social work is my calling. (Oi! The lost cause starts HERE!)

Ok ok I'll look for something "productive". (Hahaha.. you put the 'un' in productive, UNCLE)!)

So Mr. Smartass, what should I do then? (*beep*)



i only drink presh oren said...

You should get inebriated with a person with a suggestible mind. Remember that girl in TGIF one lazy afternoon long ago? The one The Cat said looked too uptight in her button-down shirt and she then proceeded to unbutton it right there in the restaurant and started caressing her chest? HAHAHAHAHA I think that was only on ONE margarita. Imagine the possibilities of 1.5 :P

[Is]landa said...

go on the trans-siberia

lilyliverbird said...

Need a Kop hug?

We will cream Bolton 3-0 and you'll feel much better.

tigerjoe said...

Or one could declare oneself to be retired, and spend more time following one's football team to every match.

Football groupies are people too.

sicko said...

preshie, cant remember the details but i'm sure the cat was up to his tricks as per biasa.

islanda, saw this documentary on tv about the remotest place on earth. some desert town in libya. only drawback is that they dont serve chilled margeritas.

lils, thanks. i'm fine,really. just plenty bored.

tigga, although i support the team, i dont fancy living in

anttyk said...

Why not try politics?

sicko said...

politics?? you think eat rice full nothing to do izzit.