Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Great Virgin Conspiracy

Too much blood has been shed over a tiny matter. Ok that was pretty lame, but there has been one issue too many over a tissue. That wasnt good either.

So the story goes about this other young nubile woman. She was shipped abroad at a tender age of 11 and is currently in the final phase of completing her law degree . Her maturity and intelligence belies her age, her beauty transcends ages and her charms would hold her in good stead in years to come. Flawless she is not. She slept with a white guy who she happened to be in a relationship with. Nothing wrong with that except she told mum.

We all know what transpired next. She had her marching orders and her freedom curtailed. Mum also drew out a list of criteria of dateable men. Malay, old money, good school, etc etc. The only qualified men are her brothers.

Screw women rights if the perennial debate of abstinence and marriage are still governed by feudal customs. These customs were created by men to control their women. Dare I say, religious scriptures are used to promote and propagate that it has become embedded in the way society interact. Unfortunately, the strongest proponents are often women themselves.

This young woman remains steadfast in her convictions. I hope she continues to do so.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Truly Incoherent

This December is unlike any other. Totally underwhelming, more melancholic than celebratory. It has nothing to do with age, achievement or affiliation. Its just nothingness.

A sabbatical seemed a good idea. The harshness of long winter nights might ignite some sparks into the lifeless. An empty bed would suffice as well. You can never be lonely when you're self absorbed. The paradoxes, life offers.

I just wish my mind would rest. I was solving some business issues in my sleep. Actually, I'm not even sure I was asleep. The concept of working cant be noble if it takes more than it gives. I must surely make more without work then. A successful career is just a prefabricated metaphor for those without a calling in life.

My most constant relationship is with a good scotch. Simple, pure and consistent to the last drop. If only we could bottle and duplicate that to the relationships we weave that invariably becomes too intricate. Perhaps, I'm the confused one. Complexity is apparently cherished.

I should end this sorry reason for a post with my best wishes. I think I will.


Monday, December 12, 2005

The Apprentice

I want to sue my parents. I was born in the wrong decade.

Chatting with this faceless young nubile woman made me realized the old fangled ways of my generation are at best, languid. I mean where got such thing as FREE and FAST sex in my time wan!! Even my parents lived the right decade.

She says sex buddies are common. I say how much. She said as many as you like. Huh?
She says cuddle only after sex. I say during sex not counted ah?
She says sex is sex. I think she meant no cuddling just forward and lateral thrusts . I felt tired.
(I better qualify the conversation. There wasnt any propositions made, just bantering.)

I embrace this new thinking with open arms.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Give Peace a Chance


" (A silent tribute to the colossus that is Lennon)
screw McCartney

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray

Time of the year where God comes off his pedestal to meet his minions. The anticipated meeting with Minion Me will flow as such (thoughts are in parenthesis):

God: Been a difficult year eh.
MM: It has. (you mean it took you 12 months to realize that!)

God: So what went wrong?
MM: Market is slow, investment spending has been slashed or deferred, R&D has stalled blah blah blah (you expect me to say that I've been unfocused and unproductive?!)

God: Maybe you've been complacent.
MM: My motivation has suffered. (surelah share price down although we placed out a bit earlier but the point is we both made money too early and suffered for it. You buy cars and I'm thinking about the sunset at the Sahara. We're too fucking bloated to be agile!)

God: What can we do to reinvogorate the business?
MM: Couple of acquisitions and increased spending in R&D would be good. (ballslah! You've strategically diluted this technology portfolio in your grander scheme of things and I've been left with this baby)

God: Thats brilliant. (wish I could get rid of him)
MM: You are inspiring. (why did I sell out to him)

God: So buying the the 430 (Ferrari) or not?
MM: Too flashy for melah. (ask stupid question when you know I cant splash out 1.5M for a goddam car)

God: We should see each other more often.
MM: Yes, its good that we do. (see you in 12 months)

God: Bye and take care. (bastard!)
MM: See you. (fucker!)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The irony of it

Ever wondered why

people read books that you dont
your favourite pickup line doesnt work.Who could resist "Do you want to see something swell?"
lenny kravitz is such a babe magnet
milan kundera writes so simply and yet your're stumped
your bladder capacity shrinks as you get older.Surely there's a direct correlation with the increase in waistline
Eve had no fear of snakes
money doesnt grow on trees
Lenin pursued Marxism when there's no money in communism
Mother Teresa made Princess Di cried
Liverpool has as big a fan base as the Scums but only worth a quarter of their market valuation
we're so obssessed with records that we must have the most ministers per capita in the world. Malaysia Boleh! (my ass)
Brad left Jenn for Ange when he could have got away with screwing her
people believe buying a home is an investment when the future value of the mortgage exceeds the property value
we dont get rid of temptation by submitting to it
we always lie in bed (tricky one!) *smug*

Not that I'm hard-up or anything.