Monday, December 12, 2005

The Apprentice

I want to sue my parents. I was born in the wrong decade.

Chatting with this faceless young nubile woman made me realized the old fangled ways of my generation are at best, languid. I mean where got such thing as FREE and FAST sex in my time wan!! Even my parents lived the right decade.

She says sex buddies are common. I say how much. She said as many as you like. Huh?
She says cuddle only after sex. I say during sex not counted ah?
She says sex is sex. I think she meant no cuddling just forward and lateral thrusts . I felt tired.
(I better qualify the conversation. There wasnt any propositions made, just bantering.)

I embrace this new thinking with open arms.


Anonymous said...

when u say how much to her...monetary sense or how much sex between her buddies???

madnoh said...

The Internet: where the men are men, the women are men and the 13 year old girls are FBI agents.

Angel Eyes said...

sex buddies do exist, from what i observed and what i know through friends.. some says that it's alright.. nah, we're all adults here...

it's you who decide ur own life..


young nubile woman said...

that's not what i said at all!!

i said cuddling AFTER sex is a gesture of intimacy. fuck buddies are anything BUT intimacy(also dependent on both parties,anything goes really). cuddling and kissing DURING sex is fine, it works as a turn on/part of foreplay etc.

sex is sex, cuddling AFTER sex, is no longer considered sex.

we'll have to take this further, sic6sense.

babulicious said...

Yawn.......!!!!! Go to bed. You'll get a lot more by giving that aging weary body of yours a proper rest for any of those actions or revelations discussed. If there are any takers stilllaa ???

Anonymous said...

Dang ... i would love to have .. what do you call it .. sex buddies? but then .. who would like to have me then .. *sigh* .. maddie .. come up to kl and lets get drunk together bro .. i think i need to get drunk since i cant get laid

vic said...

Mr Anon aka nict above is so very modest...piraaaahh. The chat world is small bro. Youre not scoring? muahahahaha... yeah..and pigs can fly!

Question though, to look at the context within which the post was made. were chatting with the person in real life, or in a chat room environment? If real life.. does she have good teeth? :D

The concept of "sex buddies" from what i gather, appears to be getting quite common. But from my chats with some many moons back.. almost always, the female gets emotionally attached over time, thus jeopardising the relationship. And almost always the guy can just walk away after a lay and act as though nothing happened. But then again, these are just my lame observations based on what others related to me.

sic6sense said...

anon1, I would have paid.

maddie, and you need a pc doctor to clean your viruses.

angel eyes, is it alright with you?

nubile thing, how to perform if got so many things to remember? So kissing ,cuddling as foreplay is ok but not for intimacy. *blur*

babul, no need to rest since got no action. Always hoping though!

nict, why would you want them anyway? Its just meaningless sex. *straight face*

vic, I said faceless, so I didnt see her/he/it. They actually allow you to watch them?

The Squatter said...

you've been chatting with GROs instead of groping them again like the rest of your mates in the karoake room. Havent u?! hahahahahaha.

vic said...

hehehehe sic :D

there have been many occasions when sweet ladies allow me to watch them via their webcam, whilst we chat. Its always comforting to know am not chatting with men/boys/he-shes who claim to be women, and young teens who are in fact FBI agents!

Yng Lyn said...

i almost felll off the chair on this one.. LOL

Pure said...

so sex to you do involve feelings eh sic???