Thursday, December 01, 2005

The irony of it

Ever wondered why

people read books that you dont
your favourite pickup line doesnt work.Who could resist "Do you want to see something swell?"
lenny kravitz is such a babe magnet
milan kundera writes so simply and yet your're stumped
your bladder capacity shrinks as you get older.Surely there's a direct correlation with the increase in waistline
Eve had no fear of snakes
money doesnt grow on trees
Lenin pursued Marxism when there's no money in communism
Mother Teresa made Princess Di cried
Liverpool has as big a fan base as the Scums but only worth a quarter of their market valuation
we're so obssessed with records that we must have the most ministers per capita in the world. Malaysia Boleh! (my ass)
Brad left Jenn for Ange when he could have got away with screwing her
people believe buying a home is an investment when the future value of the mortgage exceeds the property value
we dont get rid of temptation by submitting to it
we always lie in bed (tricky one!) *smug*

Not that I'm hard-up or anything.


The Squatter said...

Ever wondered why you are still single?

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

accountants, kononnya, know better. pffftthh!!!

long live all bimbos.

babulicious said...

Hmm.......a deadly tincture of aphoristic caricatures and withering ironies.

Know why one is a bit pissed today and yesterday!

vic said...

if only the accountants were babes. Ever notice theyre all guys?

Anonymous said...

rooting for KL was here!!!!

vic said...

"people believe buying a home is an investment when the future value of the mortgage exceeds the property value" ..

... people who buy houses as an investment do it cos
1) they want to sell it off fast to another person buying for investment and make quick bucks (the malaysian way); or
(2) cos they predict that the future value of the property will far exceed the future value of the mortgage (dying breed of humans); or
3) they dont know what else to do with their excess cash!; or
(4) some accountant or sales people or property consultant convinced them to buy; and
(5) when read with (2) above, some are lucky enough to get rental returns that far exceeds the pittance one gets from the banks.

sic6sense said...

pseudo,I wonder why people say I behave like one

babe, accountants are stupid and boring. thank god,I changed profession before I become ugly too.

babul, I plan to get piss tomorrow too.

vic, my bitch accountant is ballsy alrite.

annoy, save some for me

s, thot s was for

La Mujercita said...

Yuppers Sic, I have two of Kundera's books - Unbearable lightness of beings and laughable laughs, he wrote simply and yet I still go gaga over his simplistic philosophy *sighs*

[Is]landa said...

i agree on kundera..*dreamy eyes*

sic6sense said...

mujercita, I simply write and nobody goes gaga.*sighs*

ylanda, the Kundera bit was cunningly inserted to lure you.

Angel Eyes said...

"lenny kravitz is such a babe magnet"

OMG... u gotta swallow it, either u lyke it or not!Oo-er!

accountants? well, i've few friends from this group who are damn gorgeous!

[Is]landa said...

My, my.. how cunning of you..

noni said...

Lenny Kravitz wears pants that r so tight he must have a perpetual hernia... I'll pass...

sic6sense said...

angel eyes, I want to gang you!

ylanda, X

noni, you've taste

vic said...

actually "s" is for ass!

madnoh said...

I've always wondered why "bra" is singular and "panties' plural.

Why is it in Malay it's called racun tikus but for mosquitoes its ubat nyamuk.

I'm gonna shaddup now.

nurul said...

accountants????? are stupid and boring????? HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!

I Expect a reply from Mr. Vic on that.

sic6sense said...

s, if you say so Mr Ass!
Mr madnoh, dont shaddup. your sense is not common
nurul,who's Mr Vic. Are you sleeping with him?

nurul said...

sic, U know Mr Vic very well Im sure of that.
Im sleeping with him?? Its not of your business.
bytheway he is very attractive and has a lot of charm.

vic said...

a babe calls me attractive/ has lots of charm!!!! I deny all these unfounded charges! And Nurul's too far away to buy her dinner and breakfast the morning after!

Nurul...wait till you meet sic. And you will know what attractive and charm really means :D

sic6sense said...

nurul, it was just in jest :)

vic said...

oops forgot to comment on more important issue.

I had not met an accountant who is not "stupid and boring" until i met Nurul online. Perhaps i should meet more female accountants. But then again, one is enuff!