Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Harems and Sluts

Spend the morning thinking about The Alhambra, The Ottoman Empire, Morocco and the Gulf States. About harems to be precised.

With the exception of the Gulf States, the demise of these empires corresponded with a preceding increase in the size of the harems. Morocco's monarchy survived through its present form arguably, because of the dismantling of his father's harem by King Hassan II. General Oufkir's attempted overthrow of King Mohamad V in the 60s was partly driven by politics but mainly by the public's contempt of the lifestyle of the rulers. The Ottoman's state budget was stretched to the extend that linen and stipend allowances affected spending on bullets and military recruitment.

What would it take to build and sustain a harem today?

Apart from infinite amount of moolahs, we need to retrack back all advances, dismantle all progress and withdraw all rights, women take for granted today. Religion and especially archaic scriptures, where women are subservient and substitutable, should be promoted. They should also be devoid of emotions and confined their passion to pleasing their master in as many contorted ways as possible.

Dont think it will work for me though. I like my women loud, crass and opinionated. I concede, sluttish too.


babulicious said...

Harems are very much alive its just that the women are singularly and luxuriously housed unlike the dorm-like milieu of the past. Women are still subservient as perceived by their so called 'masters'. Subservience is just merely an artful game of manipulation. A means to an end to achieve status, wealth, a fine car or the odd pairs of Manolos or crocky Birkin. Substitutability is not an issue. As with their 'masters', women move on too, if not to greater and better prospects so as to always maintain status quo.
Women are adept and wily creatures. No rules nor man be it archaic or recent will bound them.

Just an evolution of harems and sluts.

sic6sense said...

wahhh babulicious...damn fierce comment. you marina mahathir isit?

The Squatter said...


why does your blog attract feminists and NGOs?

[Is]landa said...

loud, crass and opinionated--- hmm,sounds like me mom.

sic6sense said...

Pseudonym0us, i'll be foolish to turn away anyone just yet.
Ylanda, are you my sis?
babulicious, but surely women today cant coexist and live harmoniously to serve one?

Anonymous said...

interesting blog!

NONI said...

"I like my women loud, crass and opinionated."

... and do u also like it when they tie u up and spank u?