Monday, November 21, 2005

The Hit or Miss Company

When I first started out this blog not too long back, I had hope it would become an oasis of ideas for the fertile mind. So far, it has become more of a comic relief to the daily chores that I'm encumbered with.

As some of you may know, I've morphed from a corporate animal to an entrepreneur and back to being corporatized. Well, I'm bored and hate my wings being clipped so I've decided to form a new company, The Hit or Miss Company,the antithesis of today's corporations.

The Hit or Miss Company (HOM)
HOM's charter is to look at investment avenues not confined to those of profit generating ones. The only rule is that it must " Bring pleasure to others so it becomes self pleasurable". Simple words but so darn difficult to execute.

Why publish the ideas? I dont really care because most of it would be silly and fact of the matter is ideas are a dime a dozen, its the execution and implementation that matters.

Anyway, I've several ideas in the pipeline and tomorrow I'll be presenting the HOM Gourmet Inexperience.

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