Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sicko United

With money to launder and taxes to evade, I would love to own a football team playing 442. The way it should be played. My team:

Keeper. Martina Navratilova. She's good at keeping balls out and you can't bi her.

Right Back. Alex Yoong in a Minardi. He's always right back.

Centrehalves. Pamela Sue Anderson. You need a pair of these.

Left Back. Macauley Culkin of Home Alone.

Right Half. Tony Blair. He's a good ball carrier

Centre defensive half. Angelina Jolie. She's a good tackler and picks up scraps (read:Brad and her adopted kids)

Attacking half. Jude Law. Roving and loves to spread the play.

Left half. Anwar Ibrahim. He's good at working the channels and goes right up the alley.

Forward 1 . Paris Hiltion. Good headers.

Forward 2. Mozart. He scores for a living.

Manager. Jesus Christ. He works with 11 as one fell out.His team would also have the ability to rise from the dead.


Joseph said...

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eyeris said...

aha! tis a good one, dis. hehe. :)

dreamer idiot said...

Waahhahahaha....This is really great. Anwar working the channels, Blair the ball carrier. Jude Law roving... This is indeed a All STAR Galactico cast.