Monday, November 14, 2005


Whisky purists need not read this. While I pride myself on being able to consume copious amounts of alcohol in a single sitting, age has taught me to discern the good ones from the bad.

There's this ongoing debate with regards to single malts and blends, scottish versus the rest of the world, Jim Murray vs Michael Jackson, Islay vs Speyside, etc. In fact, there's so much going on about whiskies these days, just about everyone has an opinion. My list of drinkables, irrrespective of style, are:

1. Ardbeg 10yo. For those long winter nights NOT alone.

2. Glenmorangie 25yo. With an old friend.Make sure its a dear one coz its bloody expensive!

3.Balvenie 21yo. For great conversations and time to kill. Had this with 2 other and didnt realize we finished the bottle until we had to switch to another whisky. The conversation died after.

4.Suntory 21yo. To 'de-mythify' that the best 'scotch' are from Scotland. Duh!

5.Jameson Irish Whisky Standard. Everyday, all the time.

6.Makers Mark (bourbon). Great with a slice of orange. Very stylish, chicks will notice.

7.Ballentines 17yo. First had it in the Royal Selangor Club with some geriatics. Simply delicious and agreeable with everyone.

8. Johnny Walker Blue Label. Brilliant for a Chinese style reunion with old friends,family and people you dont really know and like. You get absorb into the drink that you couldnt care less about the going ons.

9.Johnny Walker Black Label. This was my main staple for many years. Avoid it at bars as you're likely to get the adulterated/fake ones.

10.Glendronach 1968. Rare, found it, cherish it and will do it again for old times sake.

The noses,taste,finish and balance of the each of the above varies greatly from one to the other, you must think I'm a whisky harlot. Well,I've a need for a different companion for every occasion.

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