Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Back to the Grind

The word anal has more negative connotations attached to it than Sheffield United's goal difference. Putting aside locality and faeces, what's so wrong with being analytical or analogous?

Nothing. Except that the worst kind gets stuck in.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

You are Connected!

Its true that it takes a second to score a goal. I was awake for that one second when the ball deflected off Crouch past the Bordeaux's goalkeeper. The keeper should claim for assist as he contrived to dive away from a lackadaisical ball that seemed to hoover mid-air, Matrix like. Ok, maybe 2 seconds.

Thats how long it took to juice up my liver with a shot of tequila. 12 seconds, half a dozen shots later, I was drenched with charisma. My 4 step moves, exhilarated rather than amused. A farewell drink too many for the Cat in the Hat at Velvet. He's moving to Europe for good. People should only move for better.

Time I pack my bags as my flight is a couple of hours away. The biggest challenge is to conceal, wrap and deodorize my running shoes. I dont want to attract too much attention as I havent been paying my taxes. Really, I'm not running away.

Effendi didnt get away with trying to flog off parcels of interior land as part of the divorce settlement. I dont think Farida is laughing though, the RM7 million cash wont go a long way to upkeep her vanity.

Apparently, the Tun and the PM are going to settle their differences before Raya. This culture of compromise is going to ruin the country. Can you imagine the conversation? Full of "saya setuju tapi". *roll eyes*

You may not agree but you might understand the point of this post. I can now confirm that the 6 degrees of separation works. I've linked Crouch to you through the Cat in the Hat, my running shoes, Effendi and the Prime Minister.


Have a good one! Normal headjob should resume in less hazy conditions.

Monday, October 16, 2006

A Crap Shot

I've been sufffering a severe case of Mercator Projectionilitis while mulling over the Trans Siberian route. China appears bigger because its nearer to the equator and more central in the world map. China also appears bigger because we know its densely populated. This is relative to Russia which is approximately twice the size of China.

It makes a difference to your travel psyche; transversing through barren land when blighted with dysentery. Moscow-Beijing or Beijing-Moscow?

Since I like to mix' em up, the first thing I did today was to read spam. The count this morning was 112 (I trash them regularly).

72 were about some mortgage facility.
21 were about some stock tip.
15 were about getting your Green Card.
4 were about some hair loss product.

Whatever happen to "Gain 3 inches in length and producing harder and longer erections."?

Sheesh. The quality of spam these days.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


She shuffled in at the last possible moment with her LV Murakami in tow. Although looking dishevelled, her ponderous demeanour endeared her to the other passengers. A kindly man helped tucked her bag in the overhead compartment.

She was porcelain white, not from exhaustion, but by diligently avoiding the sun. The whiteness was accentuated by the light shades of her clothes. Her top held up rather well given the gravity of her situation.

I took no further notice until we landed. She was seated at row 1 and I was 2 rows back. I moved to the front quickly as I was light of luggage. I thought she took a cursory glance towards my direction. Without much prodding, I took her bag down.

As we parted, she said goodbye. Later in the car, it dawned on me, she had her moment. She got her attention by simple gestures. Its not often a woman who's into her 60s captivates like she does.

I had my Immortality moment.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Special Haiku for Alex Yoong

Alex finally comes good at the historic Brno circuit in Czech Republic.

Sure, I was one of your detractors and I did lust after Arianna but you could say that about 5 million other guys. Like a true Malaysian lalang, I'm firmly on your side now.

A specially composed haiku to commemorate our victory, dreamer boy.

Just when I had thought
you're an Elvis' devotee,
You Czech-mated me.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Will We Ever Learn?

UKM, UM in Top 200
Overall Ranking show upward shift for Malaysian universities
The Star 7 October 2006.

"The THES rankings have been officially released and I'm pleased to see that there are 2 Malaysian universities in the top 200."....................."I'm confident our universities are well positioned to grow as drivers of Malaysia's human capital development." Datuk Mustapha Mohamed, Higher Education Minister.

"It was one of the saddest of my career. Looking at my colleagues in this room, I can see that they are all very sad too." Datuk Rafiah Salim, Vice Chancellor UM

"We may question the validity and reliability of the data on international faculty and student...."
Joint statement by the 4 universities.

"I maintain that I know the science behind the white matter." Sicko, President, sic6sense.blogspot.com

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Finishing Line - Cikgu Aidi

"Cikgu Aidi, I understand the science behind the white matter."

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Cikgu Aidi

There's always one teacher who leaves an enduring impression. I was the one student who left my mark on that one teacher. Cikgu Aidi asked for me at the last reunion which I couldnt attend. He was my prefect and scout master from 20 odd years ago. *batuk*

I joined Scouts because the other options were Red Cresent, some Geography society and other Lit. type societies. I needed some action to quell my raging hormones. Of course, that didnt work, as Girls in Beret provoked unbrotherly like appreciation of my sisters in the community. Lord Baden Powell would be livid at the thought of girls joining the movement. He was ahead of his time; even then he knew women were vile.

I thought Aidi nice because he wanted to know of my interests. He thought me nice because I supported Liverpool. Since we were all chummy, he duly appointed me the leader of that batch. The following Monday, he made me prefect despite opposition from the other teachers.

One day, it all changed.

(to be continued whenever)

I think I'll leave it at that and tag 2 persons to continue the story. Write as much or as little as you wish and tag someone else to continue. Actually, malas. LOL.

Hope Leen and Eyeris wont let it die a premature death.