Wednesday, October 11, 2006


She shuffled in at the last possible moment with her LV Murakami in tow. Although looking dishevelled, her ponderous demeanour endeared her to the other passengers. A kindly man helped tucked her bag in the overhead compartment.

She was porcelain white, not from exhaustion, but by diligently avoiding the sun. The whiteness was accentuated by the light shades of her clothes. Her top held up rather well given the gravity of her situation.

I took no further notice until we landed. She was seated at row 1 and I was 2 rows back. I moved to the front quickly as I was light of luggage. I thought she took a cursory glance towards my direction. Without much prodding, I took her bag down.

As we parted, she said goodbye. Later in the car, it dawned on me, she had her moment. She got her attention by simple gestures. Its not often a woman who's into her 60s captivates like she does.

I had my Immortality moment.


DilettanteP said...

Nice post.

Finally, you got down to reading Milan Kundera.

I think you should go for "Laughable Loves".

My fav. novel to date of all Kundera's works.

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

do i have to wait till i'm 60 to get you guys to help me with my luggage?

won't be long, i guess. just a few more years to go.

Soleil said...

Your post is so Kundera-esque in itself.

Revealing the fact long beofre the details; turning ideas on their heads.



drama mama who can't write for nuts said...

Waah... I very der like this post.

Briliant! (And I could decipher it as well... :P)

sicko said...

P, i'm mistaken for some other :) have read several of his books. some good, some not so.

babe, the trick is to get help without asking for it.

matahari/soleil?, somehow the scene played out that way. i'm sure she had a boob job though.

drama mama, thanks. my standards are slipping though, you're deciphering me. :D

Lily the Poo, Bitch Goddess of Anfield said...

Can we talk immorality instead?

anttyk said...

Lovely. But checking out a woman in her 60s? :p

soleil said...

boob job?

*two slaps to sic*

naughty man.

there goes your intellectual appeal.

luckily you still write well.

The Squatter said...

i think i need a boob (reduction) job. man tits r a nuisance as we grow older.

TTG said...

Very the intellectual until the boob comment! LOL! How immoral :D

sicko said...

lils, immorality is staple. i wont deny you that.

anttyk, how else would you appreciate the younger ones then?

soleil.. i'm first and foremost, a man.

squatter, must be all that steriod accummulation from cycling.

ttq, i observe Everything.

Anonymous said...


I could never wrap my head around Milan Kundera *pening*.

Me so impressed hor.

So, wrinkly it is for you then. Let me introduce you to Ms Malaya


tigerjoe said...

A captivating 60-something, eh?

Did you by any chance write a certain letter to the Sunday Star a couple of months ago?

the cipher said...

The comments are the best part, really.. *still laughing*

And yeah... you must be slipping. Been a while since I haven't been able to decipher you! :D

DilettanteP said...

sic, I am in the opinion that I am very near to the truth...

well, unless of course you destroy your archives which is still fine by me cos I have gone through them to have sufficient enough clues! ;P

And style- the writing style is one that is very hard for one to duplicate...;)

sicko said...

bare arms, they dont call me 'Iron' man for nothing.

tiger, mrs robinson isnt that old. and i thought the retirement age is 55. :p

thecipher, are you sure thats a good thing? you'll only find worms.

dp, you're going to be disappointed then. i'm just a figment of your imagination.

[Is]landa said...

im stuck in the book of laughter and forgetting

bare arms gosok baju said...


you'll be useful when my iron deficiency comes every 28 days.


princesswaffzonkle said...

i always have to panjat my seat to retrieve my hand luggage.

sicko said...

islanda, you're stuck in an island i thot.

bare arms, but every 28 days, you'll 'refuse' me.

princessbonkers, pakailah heels and not your crocs.

danyanova said...

P, Laughable Love is definitely the best so far! (i even adore the book cover for a change)

Sicsense, me thinks it was me mummy you helped (and checked out) there ;)

[Is]landa said...

that, too.
but i enjoy being stuck on this one.

bare arms nak baca buku said...


If you read Kundera to me every 28 days, I won't.


sicko said...

danya, you have many good years ahead then. :)

islanda, the only book i got stuck on was Da Vinci Code. gave up after a few chapters because i got bored.

bare arms, then i wont. dont want kundera soiled.

first time reading you said...

cant blame you ... at 75 yrs all you can do is fantasize.

Lily the Kop Trollop said...

I sometimes wonder if people read me right.

sic6sense said...

first timer, you're right. that's my metaphysical age.

lily, they probably read you like the papers. spread.

metaphysically yours said...

that last comment: LMAO, ROTFL and :) :) :)