Monday, October 16, 2006

A Crap Shot

I've been sufffering a severe case of Mercator Projectionilitis while mulling over the Trans Siberian route. China appears bigger because its nearer to the equator and more central in the world map. China also appears bigger because we know its densely populated. This is relative to Russia which is approximately twice the size of China.

It makes a difference to your travel psyche; transversing through barren land when blighted with dysentery. Moscow-Beijing or Beijing-Moscow?

Since I like to mix' em up, the first thing I did today was to read spam. The count this morning was 112 (I trash them regularly).

72 were about some mortgage facility.
21 were about some stock tip.
15 were about getting your Green Card.
4 were about some hair loss product.

Whatever happen to "Gain 3 inches in length and producing harder and longer erections."?

Sheesh. The quality of spam these days.


soleil said...

Mercator + request for penile-enhancing spam = obsession about size.

You're right about China, though. Except about the population part.

Perception is a tricky mistress.


lita said...

ah, those get sent to me.

you want i will forward them to you!

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

anything on how to enlarge breasts? i need those badly.

tigerjoe said...

I kinda miss Nigerian spam.

Have the UN / NGOs stopped giving away free PCs in Africa? Meanies.

lily, the merseyside muff said...

The Nigerians are still after me.

The Squatter said...

the women in guangdong are hot.

Anonymous said...

i thought mercator projections make areas further from the equator look bigger. i mean, look at greenland, it's huge.

hmmm, that's an idea for spam, move to greenland, and you will look bigger.

sicko said...

soleil, it depends what you perceive. you may see sparsely populated as lots of land or..see densely populated as requiring lots of land.

lita, we need to trade names.

babe, dont worry, i'm not a breast man.

tiger, we've got Lebanese scam these days. did you read about his pledge to his homeland?!

lils, you've been spamming them?

squatter, i was first there in 1993. dental hygiene was just a concept then. i was never within a yard of the natives.

grey matter, it does thats why i suffered projectilitis. my sense of proportions went awry. in my mind, china is the

soleil said...

*puts both hands up*

Ok. The much-touted indecipherableness begins.

*walks away to make a cup of coffee and waits patiently for the next interesting post*


bunnywunny said...

Shouldn't you whoop hallelujah and be glad you don't need those three inches, and I'm making a very wild assumption here? :)

princesswaffzonkle said...

anything on finding mr.right? ke no such thing?

Yng Lyn said...

as with spam, the ones i keep getting is about 'pregnancy'.


Moscow - Beijing will be a better route. I just have that gut feeling..


suzequatro said...

i get that kinda spam loads too..yea can forward it to you mann. heh

sicko said...

soleil, enjoy your coffee. the pressure to deliver is givin me performance anxiety.

bunny, the spammers must think i dont need those inches but a saving of interest. of course, i thank god everyday, irrespective. :D

princess, you should be looking for Mr Right Now.

lyn, that seemed to be the recommended route. I like the idea of ending in moscow, have a clean shower and continue through eastern europe. like got a lot of leave like dat!

suze, you better keep them. i dont fancy enlarging my breasts.

soleil said...


you deliver impeccably each time.


anttyk said...

sic is the only person on earth who can make reading spam sound profound.

[Is]landa said...

i tot it was trans siberia for me and the sahara for you?

sic6sense said...

soleil, you've raised the bar again.

anttyk is the only person who thinks so. :D

islanda, sitting on shifting sand dunes in blazing heat sounds wicked.