Monday, November 14, 2005

Sept 2005 Hong Kong

sic6sense: November 2005: "November "
Supposed business trip I made. Spend an a couple of hours working and 3 glorious night of debauchery. A lowdown on places of interest.

Stayed at , a Phillipe Stark Boutique Hotel. It was highly recommended by a friend and I must say it was a pleasant change from the usual hustle and bustle of a 5 star hotel. Good for privacy, honeymooners and philandereers. I wouldnt recommend it for 'real' business people though.

Dinner the first night was at M on the Fringe which basically set the standard for the rest of the days. Appetiser I had was white asparagus with truffle which was simply delightful and set the tone for the Moroccan lamb bathed in apple and raisin sauce. Dessert, I cant remember. My dinner companions were pleased with their choices as well. Of course, the usual boozing was sustained throughout the night, starting with a chablis and ending with shots of tequilas.

Some other places of note was for its drama, Felix at the Peninsula for the place to pee. Lunch is excellent at the Kee Club (if you can get in *snort*), the roast goose is to die for.

Boozing was primarily at the Lan Kwai Foong and Hollywood Road area. Notable one was the Dragaon Club which is owned by Jacky Chan. Loads of hot looking babes. No chance you uglinesses.

Some travel advisory.........if you're planning a budget trip to HK , forget it. If you're already there and plan to budget, START CRYING!

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