Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray

Time of the year where God comes off his pedestal to meet his minions. The anticipated meeting with Minion Me will flow as such (thoughts are in parenthesis):

God: Been a difficult year eh.
MM: It has. (you mean it took you 12 months to realize that!)

God: So what went wrong?
MM: Market is slow, investment spending has been slashed or deferred, R&D has stalled blah blah blah (you expect me to say that I've been unfocused and unproductive?!)

God: Maybe you've been complacent.
MM: My motivation has suffered. (surelah share price down although we placed out a bit earlier but the point is we both made money too early and suffered for it. You buy cars and I'm thinking about the sunset at the Sahara. We're too fucking bloated to be agile!)

God: What can we do to reinvogorate the business?
MM: Couple of acquisitions and increased spending in R&D would be good. (ballslah! You've strategically diluted this technology portfolio in your grander scheme of things and I've been left with this baby)

God: Thats brilliant. (wish I could get rid of him)
MM: You are inspiring. (why did I sell out to him)

God: So buying the the 430 (Ferrari) or not?
MM: Too flashy for melah. (ask stupid question when you know I cant splash out 1.5M for a goddam car)

God: We should see each other more often.
MM: Yes, its good that we do. (see you in 12 months)

God: Bye and take care. (bastard!)
MM: See you. (fucker!)


[Is]landa said...

so you guys converse every december?

babulicious said...

A parable of the conundrum. To another year of attempting MORE plans

Praying to GOD it'll turn out the way we want it this time around! Please?????? I promise to be good. Real good.

sic6sense said...

ylanda, we meet socially..lol
babulicious, I dont beg.Plus, I've a choice.

La Mujercita said...

And God looks upon Sic and intones ominously: 'And what about that groans and moans we hear in the middle of the night, still pleading not guilty?' (err, I was just wondering what sic would reply to that)

vic said...

This conversation was held recently? Thought God, via an M&A, "makan" everything and as a result you're on long leisure break!

By the way, a purely hypothetical question if you had the spare 1.5M and had at least one high performance sports car in your garage.

Is there a massive increment in the "high feeling" switching from one model of the awesome high performance sports car to another model? Or is the switch purely out of love for the car? Or just as a trophy car to attract the hot babes?

sic6sense said...

la mujercita, I'm only answerable to God.

s, the meeting takes place next week, a major disruption to my leisurely days.

About your question. I've have approximately 15 watches with different complications. The downside is it doesnt attract chicks like the cheap digital watch I'm wearing now. I've several cars including a 'high performance' one. The downside is I cant wear it on my wrist.

Yours senselessly,

madnoh said...


vic said...

I digress. How cheap is the cheap digital watch?

On watches, I would love to see (wont even dream of wanting) an Octa Calendrier and during midnight at month end,watch the movement in action. Even if anyone thinks am nuts!


madnoh said...


Sorry for the long URL before this, here's a tiny one.

bex said...

Whats wrong with your Porsche? :p

Angel Eyes said...

ferrari sounds nice to me... err.. can i 'gang' with u now?


A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

aaah appraisal time again. time to really put my bullshitting skills to good use.

sic6sense said...

madnoh, good find!LOL
angel eyes,I dont have one. I guess no gang now.
babe,numbers dont lie.

Anonymous said...

You have been found!! Been a while since we were last supposed to meet. I assume you're well from your posts. God sounds charming. I always wondered what he was like :-)


sic6sense said...

Matahari! yeah, been a while. Should catch up for a bottle or two :)

The Squatter said...

a gay moment here - mata hari & sic