Thursday, December 22, 2005

Truly Incoherent

This December is unlike any other. Totally underwhelming, more melancholic than celebratory. It has nothing to do with age, achievement or affiliation. Its just nothingness.

A sabbatical seemed a good idea. The harshness of long winter nights might ignite some sparks into the lifeless. An empty bed would suffice as well. You can never be lonely when you're self absorbed. The paradoxes, life offers.

I just wish my mind would rest. I was solving some business issues in my sleep. Actually, I'm not even sure I was asleep. The concept of working cant be noble if it takes more than it gives. I must surely make more without work then. A successful career is just a prefabricated metaphor for those without a calling in life.

My most constant relationship is with a good scotch. Simple, pure and consistent to the last drop. If only we could bottle and duplicate that to the relationships we weave that invariably becomes too intricate. Perhaps, I'm the confused one. Complexity is apparently cherished.

I should end this sorry reason for a post with my best wishes. I think I will.



babulicious said...

Yep, And fuck you and everybody and everything else, including myself that was 2005!!!!

To a New Year with no more hopes but much anticipated changes. Better ones, I command!

The Squatter said...

i'll drink to that.

Anonymous said...

You've money,good looks,cars,career,beautiful women falling for you,etc. Life cant be THAT bad.

Have a Merry New Year!

NONI said...

hey... wat epen tu da fil gud blog?

Oklah in an attempt to make u feel better, i would like to wish that, may the fleas of 1000 Afghan camels infest the a55 of the person who furballs ur year and may his arms grow too short to scratch it. Selamat Hari Gatal and a Happy 2006.

Wow I am sooo original...

wahhh... you've money,good looks,cars,career,beautiful women falling for you ka????

babulicious said...

All that and more, including that one very beautiful woman!!!

Probably unaware and totally blase about it too.
Lucky bastard!

[Is]landa said...

Here's hoping for a smashing 2006. Cheers!

sic6sense said...

ok. thanks. but. really.

it was just a spot of bother. a whole 5 minutes or so to type that post. Looking forward to the rest of 05.

I'll deal with 06 when it comes. XXXXXX!

Anonymous said...

auwwww... u mean all that originality of mine 4 nuthin... just as i thought u were capable of SNAG-ing... ( at the risk of sounding like a broken cassette player...)... and please don't call me 'little ****', udderwise I tell my mudder...!

Angel Eyes said...

Happy New YEar to you!!!

An d be good, no matter what ok?


Ms J said...

aw...and MY constant relationship is with MrCitibank - its a 25 year relationship based on money, not love. I'd rather be in your type of relationship with Miss Scotch.

Here's to a better year ahead!

sic6sense said...

anon/noni?,snag tu same as shag is it?

angel, I'm always good at it!

inconditus, relationship based on money has greater clarity than one based on love.

Anonymous said...

no lah... S-N-A-G = sensitip new age guy... shag tu pulak is... is my neighbours dog... thank u.

Hot Tea said...

This must be where the cartoon character SNAG-a-puss originated: Stage right, left even (where's my exit when I need one?)

I need to make time to take time to do things I haven't had time most other times like exercise to get fit and get a new car to look sharp. But I've got to use the Jazzercise coupon for $1 per visit for the rest of the year, and take advantage of the no interest no money down till 2006 to get my new "gently preowned" Yugo. I'm afraid I'm running out of time. I guess I'll look pretty shabby again next year.

sic6sense said...

anon, I didnt progress from being a new romantic.

hot tea, a new wardrobe is cheaper than a car.

lita said...

hear hear!!

Pure said...

Life sometime are not all about money, woman, man, cars, career, but life are colours of rainbow you had along the journey.... welcome 2006