Monday, February 27, 2006

Spot of Bother

More Oshoism. This is so disconcerting that we must find a solution...for mankind.

"In making love to a woman, a man is very inferior because he can only have one orgasm at a time while the woman can have at least half a dozen, a chain - multiple orgasm. Man feel utterly helpless. He cannot give those orgasms to the woman. And this has created one of the most miserable things in the world; because he cannot give a multiple orgasm, he has tried not to give her even the first orgasm."

"If the woman knows what orgasm is, she is bound to become aware that one orgasm is not satisfying."

"Man's sexuality is local, it is confined to the genitals and a sex centre in the brain. With the woman, its different; her sexuality is all over her body. Her whole body is sensitive, is erotic."

Great. Whilst waiting for some breakthrough mindblowing instant orgasm drug to become available, this might help the woman help the inferior man. Simply, X marked the spots.

Location is everything.


viewtru said...

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It features weird incoherent ramblings masquerading as solid professional advice. Best regards!
And yeah, this is spam!

[Is]landa said...

is it really all about location?
we must discuss this further.

madnoh said...

Waah body painting using markers. Kinky or what?

plenteh said...

Wahlau.. like 'colour by numbers' laidet ah? :P

Use chocolate body paint better mah... MessiER... but more erotic what! :D

lita said...

learn, gentlemen, learn.

vic said...

The men know all about it. The men (well, most of em) know how much of a disadvantage they're in compared to women.

So, Sic... whats your thoughts on this....... should it be wham-bang-goodbye-ma'am, or please the woman as much as possible before the man lets go. (or is it, all depends on how nice she is?)

I would go for the latter.

sic6sense said...

viewtru, a bona fide spammer, you are.

ylanda, discuss?you talk too much,do shit all.:)

madnoh, that wasnt what I had in mind but yeah, it could be fun! *evil smirk*

sic6sense said...

plenteh, body paint for you since your erogenous hotspots are your pores. :P

lita, we learn but seldom apply. Just like in school.

vic, how not to agree with you! I wouldnt want to scare the few female readers here. (although sometimes maggi mee is preferred)

[Is]landa said...

ooo, like dat!!!

fine, i'll stop talking. make sure u do all the talking next time :P

Lil' Miss Easydent said...

oh whaddahell, some people fake it all the time :(

Noni said...

haiya... i'll end up like an ular sawa who'd just gobbled up a goat laidet wun...!!!

babulicious said...

Great if you find it, damn if you don't!

Hmm.....I say, it's all in the sensations of the act.

Someone once said, " The truth will set you free. You realize that sex is not just a quick fix, not a morphine drip. This is your creative act, and it's sacred expression. if i need a morphine drip, i'll go have a cigarette."

Advise for those bothered by the spot:-
Those who smoke , have that cigarette. For those who don't, finish your damn self off!!!!!

Lolly said...

Why dont u just go and buy her a nice diamond ring and bathe her in expensive chocolates instead?
Guaranteed orgasm without getting down and dirty (maybe burn a few pockets but no strain, no gain!)

sic6sense said...

ylanda, my bad. :) talk away as you please. you cant be NOT you.

mommy feline, that I dont get. Why cheat yourself?

noni, explain.

sic6sense said...

babulicious, the act is a sum of various actions. The details are important.

lolly, thats not a long term solution!

Noni said...

"her sexuality is all over her body. Her whole body is sensitive, is erotic."

x-marking em spots would make me make like an ulor sawalah... with that i shpank u.

sic6sense said...

noni, since you whole body is a hot zone, perhaps you should rank your erogenous spots. Then can play 'join the dots' too. I bet you're the type who gets an orgasm at the twitch of your eyelids.

Lolly said...

I'd still like to hope that somewhere out there some sucker thinks it is!

plenteh said...

"...since your erogenous hotspots are your pores..."

You make it sound like such a bad thing. *LMAAO* =))

I agree with Mommy Feline, some of us DO fake it all the time. Not cheating oneself la... just being... umm.. kind. :P

sic6sense said...

lolly, are you nigerian?

plenteh, this whole faking business mirrors the way our country is run. Mediocrity is accepted- hence this whole cycle of rot. BTW, where is your blog?:P

Noni said...

Waaa cool suggestion, joining dots and all... can put my contortionistic talents to practice.

Alo.. i think i resent the being made out to sound so easy ?!?!... but how much u betting anyway? I'll make sure its something other than my eyes that twitches...

sic6sense said...

noni, consider yourself lucky. some women go through life without experiencing an orgasm. :)

plenteh said...

I shall strive to do my bit to 'banish mediocrity' by insisting that I get my fair share of multiple O-s from now on then.


Blog? What blog? I don't have one!

*bats eyelashes innocently* ;;)

Anonymous said...

Ram it home when its dry as a bone!

Need I say more?

Lynna said...

Inferior??? why should they eh???