Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Dont fret, Najem!

Whatever happen to the billion ringgit donation?

I want to know if the thought is counted.


vic said...

Set-up a charity body and gain social prominence. And then hope that a billionaire or two walks over and drops off some loose change in the form of a billion ringgit or two. Then as administrators we can fly first class, have gold toilet trimmings, sexy office staff etc.

Good business idea?

madnoh said...

I cast a skeptical eye on anyone who creates much brouhaha when giving to charity. My old man told me to give with the right hand in a way that the left doesn't know about it.

Najem should sleep with one eye open. I hear men in white, weilding butterfly nets and a strait jacket are looking for him.

sic6sense said...

vic, you need to be thick skin to solicit for funds. I've met the Makna guy...he must be good at what he does because he was talking to a fund manager about placing out RM10Million of Makna's funds!

maddie, I really hope he comes through, foolish I may sound. Even a few hundred million short is a lot.

vic said...

Sic, the sad thing with ppl with such intentions, theyre all thick skinned.

I cannot till today understand why such publicity was allowed to be given by Makna BEFORE the money was received.

In the real estate agency sector, the experienced estate agents have a rule. Never day-dream or plan how to spend commissions even when the SPA or tenancy has been signed. The deal can still be screwed. Only plan when sale has gone through and monies received. (even then there are cases of agents having to refund much later.

Nevertheless, like you, i too do hope the fella comes through with the donation, even if its only a 6-figure sum.

madnoh said...

I'm just hoping that someone would contribute to the Make Madnoh A Rich Man charity. It's a worthy cause.

[Is]landa said...

no, in this case, thoughts alone, dont count.

sic6sense said...

vic, I actually saw the Makna guy hidding in one corner of a Japanese restaurant the other day. He shouldnt have bothered, noone was about to greet him. :))

maddie, I'll start the ball rolling by contributing my change from my nasi bungkus lunch. Thought your priority is to get laid. No focus.

sic6sense said...

ylanda, you're wise beyond your years :P

Angel Eyes said...

is he really 'true'?

that's the case..

toots said...

blast from the past.

wow. the first moment i glanced at ur nick, it immediately took me back waaaay back like prolly back in 1998 or something.

there was you, madnoh and virtually_insane_cancerian.
wreaking havoc in the yahoo chatrooms.

weirdness. utter weirdness.

[Is]landa said...


sic6sense said...

angel, he probably believes he's a billionaire and is 'sincere' in his contribution.

toots, whats your handle before?

toots said...

oh before this i used

babulicious said...

Err.....what was he thinking?!?!?!

vic said...

us/me wreaking havoc in chat rooms? *conjuring up an innocent bewildered look*

Long time no see, sugar coated bullets.

sic6sense said...

babulicious, maybe he didnt. It wasnt counted. :)

Anonymous said...

Consider this possibility. A man up to his eyeballs in debt, being chased by Ah Longs. He realises he has come to the end of the line, he has to find a way to avoid getting his knee caps capped or even killed. Go public go big, get in the public eye, Ah Longs wont dare do anything....yet!

Somehow I can see no other reason for such stupidity apart, of course, he is stupid?