Thursday, February 02, 2006

Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth

“You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation”...(theme from Patek's ad)

The old man gave me a Patek at the reunion.

Lucky me?

I dont know.

I know I'm not getting anything else. *

Gift or mere consolation?

* Nothing else will be bequeathed to me. Zilch.


Angel Eyes said...

i seriously love patek's design, apart from rolex, and Tag.. very classy but i guess i'd still not suitable to wear it at my age...


HoneyR said...

Oooh nice. Although I don't think I'd want my old man's Patek. :P

Then again, since I became part of the 'unproductive idle' I no longer wear watches. Time is but a concept... bwahaha

What date is it today again? :D

sic6sense said...

angel, I know a watch that suits your personality. Watch this space.

honeyr, even if you dont contribute to the national GDP, surely you still need to keep time. Your perception of time probably revolves around your menstrual cycles. :D

sic6sense said...

The point of the post seemed lost!

sembah patek harap diampun said...

sic... i am sure ur not defined by what is bequeathed unto you... be it royal or not.

HoneyR said...
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HoneyR said...

All I can say to that is "Chaihh!" *LOL* :P

On-topic (for a change :P), correct me if I am wrong but you don't seem to be one who would need to depend on... err... 'bequeathments'? If it's just for posterity's sake I personally think a Patek is way better than .. let's overgrown dusun durian somewhere in the armpit of Pahang.

Then again that's just me. :P *LOL*

Ms J said...

Ooooeerrrrr u are now the rightful proud owner of a Patek watch. gosh
now i only wear a measly *Citizen Quartz*

u lucky fella

babulicious said...

A person is remembered and then forgotten verily in death or absence. It is not a gift but an offering of sort for memories good and bad.

We can only hope that by leaving something behind to a person that we love our memory is revived of the time that was good and the stories of achievements continued.

We live on........

*Feeling melancholic.*

[Is]landa said...

and im still stuck with my baby-G

Cosmic_GurL said...

Man! Why dont I ever get those kinda gift?? I know why. Ive got cheap friends. Muahahahaah

sic6sense said...

sembah patek harap diampun, I'm not, thankfully. Unless I get zillions of course. :)

honeyr, its all relative. If you've 16 watches, would it make a difference? I suppose the value of the gift transcends any mechanical complications.

inconditus, the humble quartz keeps better time than an over engineered piece of jewellery.

sic6sense said...

babulicious, true but a gift is quickly forgotten when stored away. Just like unwanted memories.

ylanda, i love baby-Gs!

cosmic gurl, dump your friends! ;)

babulicious said...

Unwanted memories are stored away but unfortunately, cannot be erased. Time has a twisted way of refreshing one's memory of the unwanted from the past.

Hopefully there are enough good ones to negate the bad. Rather, screw the bad and move on to better!!!

sic6sense said...

babulicious, I'll drink to that! for better or worse. :)