Saturday, January 28, 2006

A Fortune Teller Told Me

Death can be a good place but to be told the manner of it isnt.

Ah Keat was the 6th of 13 siblings in a Straits family. He was so insignificant that he was known in the household as Ee Nam, after the number six. Surely, he must have mattered for he had a ranking. As the family was large and money was hard to comeby, education for the kids was cut short and they tended to more important matters like putting food on the table.

Ee Nam was a simpleton but he made up for his lack of wit through hard labour. He even got himself a wife. Being smarter than him, she soon left before bearing him a pair. The daughter was spared the trauma because of her deficient sense (she inherited her father's intelligence). The son, being younger, knew no better. Ee Nam's mum was concerned and he was brought to see a sinseh; to cast away evil spirits and to foretell his fortune. So the spirits flew away and he was told that a life of hard labour awaits him. He was also told he would die from alcohol.

The family, despite the size, was close knitted and they provided him with support and care for his two kids. He stayed on the straight and didnt even fancy liquor of any kind. Yesterday, he was out on an assignment to deliver a truckload of goods to the local merchant. He was unloading when a crate of beer hit his head.

He died at 72. God bless his soul.


Anonymous said...

Nicely said. Good post!

MsMedusa said...

The title of the book I gave you. Tell me, did you read it?
May the Dog be good on you and me...:)

HoneyR said...

Good one! Very... "Amy Tan" (she wrote the 'Joy Luck Club' lah)

sic6sense said...

anon, thanks!

msmedusa, hence the title of the post. May you love doggie as much as I do. :)

honeyr, come to think of it..:P. Actually, someone of that age did die yesterday from falling beer crates.

madam zora said...

Wonderful story. I like it. But u do have a thing for fortune telling do u not?

[Is]landa said...

happy chinese new year!

MsMedusa said...

Lurve them doggies and doggies lurve me too ;)
Please let the dog out! Woof woof

babulicious said...

Death certainly is sweet if you want to be forgotten. Like the news, fresh today gone from memory tomorrow.
Like that you're gone. Lights out. Absolute nothingness.
And life with the living continues.

I say, live your life day to day with zest and good cheer and hopefully, you'll find some worth to your existence along the way.

Sic, did the fortune teller say i was going to rant on the same topic????

Angel Eyes said...

happy new year!

sic6sense said...

madam zora, fortune telling doesnt interest me, fortune tellers do. I just cant figure them out.

ylanda, angel...Happy New Year too!

babulicious, the fortune teller will be enlightened from all your rantings. ;)

Anonymous said...

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