Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Bird Mocked

Being Lillian's Tool, I predict the biggest farce this week will be the conclusion of Malaysia's Most Beautiful with the chinky chong woman winning it. Yasmin and Sheila wont look too good either with eggs on their pretty little faces.


Ratu Kebaya said...

Ewe u follow that thing ka? I saw the billboards thought it had potential and then saw the contestants and my bubble burst, pronto!

Have pity on Yasmin n Sheilalah. Its Marie France who decides at the end of the day methinks, but I would not put Yasmin and 'pretty little face' together...

Ratu Elizabeth said...

by the way being Lillian's tool sounds scarily funny or make that funnily scary... pffft...

madnoh said...

It took me a while to figure out that you're referring to a reality TV show. I found a link to do more research into the matter and went right back to work.

oogs boogs said...

Haiya! The one with the most slits will no doubt be the winner.

Rude but true.

vic said...

I just had to see one episode and did watch a bit a week or so ago. The last 3 contestants were an insult to viewers.

The only plus point for this poor excuse for a reality program was the director and others trashing the contestants and laughing about it.

sic6sense said...

ratus, actually its one of the few programmes I watch. I'm just amazed by the absurdity of the concept, contestants and the judges. The producers and James Blunt must be damn proud.

madnoh, you're missing out on perhaps the greatest accidental comedy to hit our screens.

oogs boogs, good one! :))

vic, surely you had a good laugh.

HoneyR said...

I caught it when it was first shown and thought to myself, "What fresh hell is this?" and didn't bother to watch again.

It's about "inner beauty", ah? :P

BTW, "Lillian's Tool".. I love it! *LMAAO*

imperfectnez said...

I find the show hilarious too! I feel that they're trying very hard to be someone they're not.

sic, any thoughts of volunteering yourself as one of the judges season 2? hehehe.

Cosmic_GurL said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! I will move to another country if Jessy wins!! Arghhh!!! I heard she is leading with the votes.

sic6sense said...

Disaster averted. Loreal must have spend a fortune on SMSes.

Cosmic_GurL said...

Phew! Or else I would have to move to another country :P In my opinion, both doesnt deserve to win! Most are annoying and irritating!

Red Raven said...

to be honest....not even one of them deserve that title...bagi malu aje to all women in Malaysia...the so call Malaysian Most Beautiful representing Malaysian Beauty outside and inside my foot....bagi malu je..woman all over malaysia should write a petition to stop the show

vic said...

Eh dont stop the show. At least its one of the better malaysian made comedies, though unintended as sic rightly pointed out.

Come to think of it, how come no men got through the competition? After all in two paragraphs at the site madnoh linked it says:

What would you consider to be the 'most beautiful'? Is it the beauty within or without that captures your vote?.

8TV want to know who fits that title, Malaysia's Most Beautiful, and through auditions and now an exciting television series are on the search for that ultimate one.

Bet Alex Yoong would have won hands down against all the ladies.

sic6sense said...

cosmic gurl, phew indeed! at least dilla is trainable.

red raven, vic...........apparently, there will be 2nd season. :))

Men? That would be TOO funny.

Anonymous said...

I was curious to know what u r talking about. I see the site madnoh linked it ...
surprised actually these two ladys with scarf on their heads are from the contestents too.

Anonymous said...


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