Friday, January 20, 2006

Time of the Month

According to Robert Frost, the future only confirms the present and that the future is not an outcome of the past. That statement confirms my suspicion that Mr Frost is an overrated laureate feted by a nation full of contradictions.

Kundera had his moment too. He had this notion that one of the certainties afforded to man, is that all predicitons are wrong. Of course, he had a zillion stories to back his fancy.

I dont know, I'm baffled. Give me Lillian Too anyday.


vic said... future, the present is the past.

ALL predictions are wrong? tell that to the ppl who win 4D draws etc, or even the contra traders in share markets :D

I predict I wont win fantasyfootie at season end! Lets see if my prediction is!

Noni said...

Petaling Street banyak jual crystal balls. They do the same trick with less complications. U just hafta live with an extra ball.

[Is]landa said...

thats what makes kundera so interesting.

lillian too is overrated.

babulicious said...

"Man can only be certain about the present moment. But is that quite true either? can he really know the present? Is he in a position to make any judgement about it? Certainly not. For how can a person with no knowledge of the future understand the meaning of the present? If we do not know what future the present is leading us toward, how can we say whether this present is good or bad, whether it deserves our concurrence, or our suspicion, or our hatred?" -milan kundera.

Hey! I say live for the present let the future be a surprise. Life is too vague, let it be a challenge and therefore, interesting! Who wants to know a possibly boring outcome?!?!

sic6sense said...

vic, its too easy to make a statement and qualify it with stories. Thats how these buggers sell books.

noni, *speechless*

ylanda, i think lilian too is interesting. That woman is smart and funny in an unbonkable way.

sic6sense said...

babulicious, yes that passage was from Ignorance. I agree with you, lets live for the present!

HoneyR said...

I am digressing from the topic at hand but "...i think lilian too is interesting. That woman is smart and funny in an unbonkable way..." got me spraying skinny latte all over the keyboard.


Thanx.. I really needed that today :P

Noni said...

choiiii ... using the word bonk and Lillian Too in the same breath sends chills up my spine... and speak of the devil... I heard her on Mix FM this morning and she said to keep ur door open from 1-2 am this coming Chinese New Year eve coz that's when the God of Prosperity will come a-knockin...

bex said...

I tagged you. =p

[Is]landa said...

omg, ive got a bad image of u bonking lillian too after a game of footie where liverpool lost.

dont hate me ;)

sic6sense said...

honeyr, glad to be of help :P

noni,the woman is entertaininglah. She has done the world of feng shui a lot of good by reaching out to a wider audience.

sic6sense said...

bex, :p :p

ylanda, *not amused*