Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Book of Man

Trawling the bookstore the other day in search of love altering poetry, I was sidetracked. A divine intervention perhaps. Osho, shelved amongst the greatest philosophers, reached out to me like a blinding ray of light in the blindness of night.

Intrigued, random passages were reviewed.

On Adam
Adam was the first man, not because he was the first man but because he was the first to be thrown out of the Garden of Eden.

On the difference between normal sex and Tantric sex
Your sex act is to relieve. Energy is thrown out and you're unburdened. Its good and therapeutic and nothing more. Tantrc sex is not to relieve but to remain in the act without ejaculation. The difference is the type of orgasm ie peak of excitement and the valley orgasm (deep relaxation)

On American
Only in America is Dale Carnegie a philosopher. His book, "How to win friends and influence people" has sold second only to the Bible. And its full of crap!

On Homosexuality
Homosexuality is a necessary phase in the growth of man or woman.

On The Gambler
If you dont live life dangerously, you dont live.

Riveting stuff. I can hardly wait.


babulicious said...

Philosophy is based on empirical laws of life. The life lived or otherwise as perceived by each of us. We are all philosophers and be writers of 'mind-altering' books. It's a matter of of it being cogent enough for others to accept.

So pass me the book and let me decide the hog wash?

madnoh said...

On Carnegie:

I am under the impression that people are fascinated by wealthy, influential people. Make some money, get famous, go write a book. People will buy the book, possibly buy their ideas as well. Publishers know this all too well.

Noni said...

@ madnoh


[Is]landa said...

will raid the bookstore for this tmrw.

cant wait!

Cosmic_GurL said...

Does it say anything on threesome? :P

Oreos said...

dont quite get the point of tantric sex.

Noni said...

@ oreos...

in the first place, can ur point work 4 tantric sex?

sic6sense said...

babulicious, actually nothing new is revealed in these books. People are generally fascinated because they can relate to it.

madnoh, read the monk who sold his ferrari?

noni, where pain?!

ylanda, dont expect too much!

cosmic gurl, there are chapters on sex maniacs and playboys. I'm leaving the best parts to later. :)

oreos, sometimes I think I do understand tantric sex. Maybe even experience it. However, the constraint of time and 'our KPI mentality' doesnt allow us to explore the value of tantric sex.

Angel Eyes said...

tantric sex sounds interesting!

hmm.. hmm...

sic6sense said...

angel, please try and describe the whole experience in your blog :)

madnoh said...

Sicko, you should really check out this link here.

If you can go thru that page without even a chuckle, I'll belanja you chikin rice.

sic6sense said...

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Noni said...

for a guy who's now a millionare... he could afford a better hairdresser and a stylist surely...

sic6sense said...

noni, somehow he looks the part.