Thursday, February 09, 2006


"Have you questioned your sexual orientation? Has your sexual orientation been questioned?Is your sexual orientation questionable?"

She said I looked gay. Unfortunately, she's not the first nor would she be the last. Engulfed with paranoia, a full checkup ensued.


I suspect Mr Freud was trying to justify his sexual orientation when he said all men are bisexual. Many have also argued that only women can be bisexual as their love can be manifested in ways other than of a sexual kind. I suppose what they actually mean is that men ultimately want sex.

Since I cant grasp the concept of love without sex, I must be either heterosexual or gay.


Gesture and speech should transcend sexuality. Bollocks. I can tell a queer guy from my straight eye.

I may occasionally swear like a whore but my gestures are not limp. The tone of my voice, even in anger and shock, barely rises above a baritone. In fact, my voice is so monotonous, I'm denied the mic at karaoke. Seeking solace with Johnny Walker or John Jameson on a regular basis doesnt constitute a sexual relationship.


Gay men generally keep well because they tend to be more promiscuous. Hence, the need to be physically sculptured. Lame.

Promiscuity is so rampant these days, even amongst heterosexuals and the physically 'challenged'. Admittedly, years back when I was physically in my prime (*sob*), I could pass off for a gay. I had the right accessories as well; Oliver People's black rim glasses made famous by John Le Carre in his novels and white pants.

Thankfully, my clothes didnt make me.


Crossed my mind for a second. I rather continence and abstinence.


The company you keep reflects your orientation.

Most of my friends are straight. However, I'm bicurious. I love the company of gay men and women. I love it so much that I've tongued men both straight and otherwise, in my drunken stupor. My ex girlfriend loved me so much that when we broke up, she turned gay.(I prefer this version of the story). We remain goodfriends and I'm cordial to her girlfriend.

I also like going to gay bars. Inhibitions are left at the door and you cant help but be consumed by the veritable energy on show.

However, this feasting on gay men is superficial.


Unquestionably, a heterosexual bicurious beast, I am. What paranoia??


yvy said...

i think i can relate to 70% of that although i've never toungued another girl before. then again, i've always been bicurious n wonder wat it's like being with a girl. but knowing me, i'd be running as fast as a cheetah should a lesbo approach me. so much for wanting to experiment. lol

HoneyR said...

This gave a good morning chuckle. :D

I am often asked whether I would ever consider getting it on with another woman and the answer is almost always 'NO!' (Question always asked when I am reasonably lucid, that's prolly why. =)) )

Then again, I wonder if it's strange for me to find man-on-man action rather... err.. titillating? (I can almost hear the collective *gagging* of the male population who read this now... *LMAO*) But there you are... so wot does that make me? :P

Anonymous said...

What to do..Pretty Boy!

Deb ;)

Cosmic_GurL said...

U mean to say gay ppl always dress smartly? Maybe ppl think ure gay because you give out that certain "aura". It's hard to explain. My bf always gets hit on by gay men. Go figure.

[Is]landa said...

sapa cakap u look gay?!

want me to bash her for you?

madnoh said...

I've been hit on by other guys before. I don't subscribe to the "it takes one to know one" school of thought, by the way. Their GPS (gay potenital scanners) need calibration, methinks.

The thing is, one can't really tell visually or by observing mannerisms. I know I can't.

babulicious said...

It's all in the chemistry. I think everyone has tendencies, it's a matter of one's own sexual confidence. It's allownig oneself to open up to one's own's natural senses to the intimacies of another regardless of sex.

Whatever or with whomever, if you've opened yourself up to it i say, enjoy the adventure!!!

sic6sense said...

yvy, when you do, can I watch? :P

honeyr, your're a heterosexual with "Martian" like tendencies. ;)
Have you actually watch man-on-man action?

deb, hey you!

sic6sense said...

cosmic gurl, not sure if you call skin tight, crotch grabbing pants, dressing smartly. But I guess they are generally better groomed. Aura tu macam dog on heat ke? :))

ylanda, go start a cat fight! I want to watch!

madnoh, you're right. You cant tell until its too late..:P. Your long curly eyelashes must be giving out the so called 'aura'.

babulicious, exactly. when you're comfortable in your skin, you would explore more. Can I watch you too?!

HoneyR said...

"Martian", eh? I was just thinking that.. :P

And to answer your question, yes.. I have, as a matter of fact. Found it quite a turn on. (Then again, I don't know whether it was the sight of the sweaty, hard, sculpted male forms on display OR the...err.. act itself!)


Ms J said...


I like the term BiCurious :-) and i think we should always try everythnig at least once before we decide if its our my dear esteemed blogger-friend, do try the gay scene once and write us about it ok.

(i shall seek to do the same and tell you how good it is to go down on a woman)


Lynna said...

well aint premium anymore??? well it will be coming back where you will be at peak again but be ready to pick and chooseee... ahhahaha gay ehhh... think about it again.. you have all the looks female want and gay needs dude!


sic6sense said...

inconditus, you've spending too much time in the sun! I already know how good it is to go down on a woman. :P

lynna, I dont desire to be 'premium'. It doesnt go well with age.

yvy said...

you mean, IF i :P