Friday, November 03, 2006

Blogging WRITES

True Happiness is to Have One's Passion as a Profession...Alain Silberstein

His mantra, delicately inscribed in soft metal, resonates through all his creations. You wonder though; "Is he really happy?"" Clever marketing?". A bit of both, but more likely, it principally serves to sustain his motivation in validating his choice of vocation. His stature in the horological world is unclear. His creations are not technically innovative and the designs are at best, Pop Art Warhol.

Its been an interesting few weeks or so as far as blogs entries are concerned. Intriguing stuff like bloggers writing for 'free', writers defending their profession, bloggers aspiring to be writers, and writers attempting to blog. Since the contagion effect and the chaos theory are in motion, I would like to add to the noise level..........

"Kicking a ball doesnt make you a footballer. If you happened to be one, plying your trade in the 2nd Division of the Malaysian League, Alain Silberstein would be a good role model."

In fairness, I dont think Alain desires great wealth from his work. It can't buy him accolades.


Anonymous said...

*clap clap clap*
for once, i get u.

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

oh, s/mom, can you simplify what he'd just written?

i'm lost.

oh sic! save my soul.

Pantani's 2nd Cousin said...

Although old and a bit of a druk, i will one day become a pro-cyclist.

Leen Ash Burn said...

gosh i feel so clever. i ekcerli understooded it. I s'posse I should stop twirling my hair now.

sicko said...

SM, are you applauding yourself? :D

babe, this entry is like yasmin ahmad's gubra. its open to interpretation, so everyone is right.

cyclo, take the road less travelled. carve out your own destiny.

loonie, wonderful. but do you have a flake of an opinion hidden in the luscious mane of yours?

Lily who ought to be the Boys in Red's Bicycle. said...

"True happiness is to have one's passion as a profession"

Hmm..mebbe I should start charging for it..

Anonymous said...

Good entry. Enjoy reading the blog.

Leen Ash Burn said...

Sicko bebeh,

No. It hurts to think. It's refreshingly empty in hear. I hear ocean waves.

tigerjoe said...

Some bloggers take themselves way too seriously; so much so that one might even forget that the internet is really for porn.

bunnywunny said...

Bloggers who aspire to be writers? *feels a little pinprick there*

True accolades can ever only be earned, not bought. *looks at self in chagrin* Ok, time to come down from the ivory tower *crash and splat*

yati said...

happiness is when thought i was running late and got to the park just in time to see the start of the 15 minutes fireworks display! :)

anttyk said...

Then I have no hope of ever finding happiness. Jessica Alba's got too many bras already.

pugly said...

I'm a content writer who also happens to blog. So, which category do I fall under? :-)

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

oh are we talking about writing?

they are trying to make me a writer but i refuse to budge. i'm happy with my life as a corporate bimbo.

now i feel clever. writing comments in other people's blogs does that to me.

lily, merseyside muffin said...

oh, we talking about writing izzit?

sickie said...

lils, charging for giving others True Happiness? Fleeting, it may be.

leen, Tibetan monks would envy you.

tiger, damn. always thot the internet was for meeting unsuspecting women.

bunny, it wasnt targetted at you. i wouldnt dare seeing how good you're at writing.

yati, doesnt take much to please you eh. :D

anttyk, what is it about Alba that i dont see? No, not about her being braless and pantyless.

pugly, babe, lils...maybe i better clarify.

wot i was trying to say was,, dont underestimate writing as a profession because its not easy to be a standout. just like any other crowded profession.

i could have said that in a sentence instead of writing a whole post about it.

suzequatro said...

..and i m still striving for my passion..erghh. happy eid. hope it's not too late :)

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

sic, and i still don't understand your clarification.

princesswaffzonkle said...

gasps. since when u let ppl see through you??

ps. u dont layan babe, u draw oso she wont understand one ;p

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

waffzongkel, what you mean?

i am at my other office now and o! God! (this is not an orgasm OhGod but my kepala banyak sakit my hati banyak sakit kinda O!God!) the negative vibes are killing me.

sic, are you a feng shui master? please save my soul.

soleil said...

yes, your one sentence comment was much clearer than the post.

good post, esp the mention on the chaos theory.

though you are not quite as innocent as the butterfly that caused the rumble on the other side of the earth.

still a fan,

sic6sense said...

suzequatro, you'll hit those high notes when you discover it.

princessbonky, i always do. if only they see clearly.

babe.. from the symptons, you're inflicted with too much yang energy. (you're in a high traffic area?)

my recommendation is to get a mini aquarium and fill them with sea monkeys.

soleil, the sentence possibly captures the essence of the post but it wont sell a book. Ask Le Carre who dedicate chapters to 'set the scene'. (he gets a bit tedious but still, he wrote the best spy novel ever.."the spy who came in from the cold")

[Is]landa said...

stop dodging my calls when its early and stop returning my calls at 2.45am!

oh, and happy holidays! please come back with a toy boy for me, and this time dont pura pura forget.