Tuesday, December 05, 2006

On Sports and Government

Something I wrote a year back seemed relevant with Dubai International Capital buying into Liverpool. News Link here. Warning: Boring.

On Sports and Government

Woke up this morning with significant chunks of my memory taking an extended nap. Or maybe, I’m just clueless about the paradoxes enveloping sports and government. They say America is a beacon of freedom but yet they insist on parity in sports. Salary caps, first picks and spread of revenue all seem to be the antithesis of the freedom of corporation. On the other hand, in Europe, the birthplace of Marxism and Fascism, the exact opposite prevails. The business of sports, notably football, is cut throat with the weak fending for themselves and the strong helping themselves to choice pickings. Inevitably, the few that survive will also find the pot of gold shrinking.

The aura of an invincible team can only be created by the existence of weaker ones. Hence, the need for West Broms, Norwich and Palaces of this world. Sustain them, for they do serve a purpose.

On the balance, America has got it right. Sports is for the community and that community doesn’t exclude the weak and impoverished. Football in Europe needs to return to the communities and the current solution is on the verge of a meltdown financially and structurally, with the G14 looming as a dark and dangerous force to the little guys. LFC sits on the G14 (Chelsea doesn’t), but this does not guarantee their existence unless they continue to perform.

LFC is at a crossroad. They’re spending like a team who’s consistently in CL and yet, they’re not. Figures don’t lie and ultimately, it has to be balanced. Or perhaps, we should just curtail our ambition to ensure survival and accept fate as a 2nd tier team scrapping for the occasional Euro excursion. Better still, if we can get Moores and Parry out and bring in new money. Unfortunately, unless you've got money to launder from dubious privatizations of Russian assets notably oil, this cycle of investment is unsustainable as football clubs generally do not generate the prerequisite sort of returns that excites serious money.

An old adage applies to football, "To make small fortune, you must start off with a big one". Is there a way out? Of course. When the bubble burst.


owen's wag said...

shame owen no longer around. he could have made a lot of dosh out of being Sheikh wotnot's bookie.

on a more serious note, this is very depressing :(

yati said...

there are rumours about a takeover of Newcastle FC too... :(

a babe of very little Brrrrrrrrrr-ain. said...

you never bore me, oh sic, even when you spew gobbledygook.

Anonymous said...

No worries, scousers.

You'll Never Maktoum Alone

I think David Dein's looking for a sugar daddy as well ... :(

Anonymous said...

It will be very funny, nudge nudge, wink wink, if the Dubai International Capital's initials are on the jerseys. I guess a particular bird would like that.

DareDevil8 said...

yeap this is the era of Goliath gobbling up all the minnow Davidsssssssssssssss

Pantani's 2nd Cousin said...

can Petronas please take over my team, Queens Park Rangers FC? QPR is a great club with some glorious past.

DareDevil8 said...

i remembered the 1981 FA Cup final between Tottenham Hotspur[my favourite,but perpetual underachiever] against QPR.what an atmosphere.

nope, doubt it, Petronas reserve is running thin.why don't the government channel the taxpayer money destined for superfluos project like istana,sport centre in London,2nd penang bridge to something much more worthwhile like the QPR.at least we will get returns rather than deepening some arsehole already bottomless pocket????????

vic said...

We tried with Proton sponsoring Norwich. We had one season of exposure in the premiership. And now Norwich is at the lower half of the championship, i believe.

Petronas should buy over LFC me thinks. Unless of course, Petronas is filled with Man U fans :D

Yes, we need the smaller clubs. The occasional upset results make betting all the more interesting.

The bubble might burst one day if something like the italian league scandal erupts. Sure ah theres no betting syndicates controlling match outcomes?

Eh, i have the time to post many comments, but dont have the time to post in my own blog. Cheh to myself! :((

sic6sense said...

lils, i've mixed feeling about it. having lotsa money is good though.

yati, amazes me wot people see in chelsea,manure and pool, let alone newcastle..haha

babe, nasi kandar telur ikan on me!

cipan, arse-anal would surely be in the market soon. i can see a Punjab Investment Group (PIG)interested.

bahan kelabu, i can see shirt sales as the main revenue source. DIC is the new FCUK.

sic6sense said...

daredevil, careful..you're revealing your age. :D

spurs flatter to deceive always.

pantani, the only other who support QPR is my dad. poor man lost interest in football years ago.

vic, LFC is a good buy relative to MU. half the price, similar sized fan based and the BEST fans in the world.

Bubble will burst. It always does. :D

anttyk said...

Sigh... Newcastle is spending like a club that is winning the Champions League every single year. Yet, we can't even get out of the relegation zone.


sic6sense said...

anttyk, newcastle should buy a hospital for all the injuries.

Anonymous said...

Proton should buy Manure. Hopefully they'll get Norwiched.

yati said...

don't even talk about that anttyk... PLEASE!!!! :(

DareDevil8 said...

sic i AM PRECOCIOUS PUBERTY,even intrauterine

at 1 hair was growing from all the orifices
at 2 shouting with glee when Hotspur trounce Man. City in replay FA final
at 4 cried a bucket when Brazil was eliminated from World Cup
at 6 ended my career when i ruptured my knee cap impersonating Ricardo Villa executing a bicycle kick
at 8 parasuicidal when Brazil was eliminated again from World Cup

sad sad sad adult life from day 1

Anonymous said...

*undresses sicko with eyes*

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

telur ikan on you sounds so sinful.

sic6sense said...

cipan, thats' an idea. altho i rather hentam them every year.

yati, haha..always wondered why people support them.

daredevil, you stop growing at 8?

princessbonkers, thats freaky! i can only do it with my fingers.

babe, it sounds dirty indeed. altho i'm sure you'll clean it up good.

kak ati said...

ehem... we are out of the relegation zone... not safe but out :-p

now it's time to stop talking about football again as you know i don't want to jinx it :-p

DareDevil8 said...

yeap stop growing at one physically,just maintenance nowadays,mind wise just as infantile

Anonymous said...

look ma no hands

Anonymous said...

All clubs within the same league must be run as a business. Then it becomes a level playing field. Permanent subsidies like Chelshite enjoy is grossly unfair and if other clubs follow suit, will make footie clubs just extensions of puny-pricked businessmen with monstrous egos.

Why am I so serious today ... ?

Anonymous said...

Woit sicko,

Pretending to have to earn a living, eh? Where's your update ... Dah seminggu tak kemas blog ke?

sicko said...

so malas. i blame the yearend.

Fowler's Floosie said...

you are not malay. you can't claim the 'malas' stand :p

Anonymous said...

tell us what your plans are for the new year. i dunno, blog about anythign already will yah.

Anonymous said...

I think sicko's started celebrating a mite too early this year.

Oi brother - at least vacuum the place a bit laa ... :D

anttyk said...

*peeks at site*

What, no updates?

*walks away sadly*

[Is]landa said...

still alive tak?