Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Devil's Here, Sicko

I started this post last night. Naked with a glass of chardonnay. The fruity characteristic of the white perked me up to the extent I was doing 3 things at once. Listening to Chinese Opera while watching the World Darts Matchplay (thanks Yati. :p) made this post incoherent. No conversations were heard this time though.

I bought the Shanghainese styled 30's cd last night because it reminded me of the old Parisian Cafe music. The scratchy recording with the delicate female voice complemented my skittishness. At RM19.90, it works better than valium.

People are surprised looking at my languid movements that I was once an active sportsman. In fact, my ambition was to become a sportsman of note. That didnt work out, not for the lack of talent, but for the indiscipline which defines my vocation till today. I lose interest as quickly as I acquire the skills to excel. My sporting CV is varied and it shows that I underachieved.

Squash-State Level (local and overseas)
Tennis-District Level (overseas)
Chess-State Level
Volleyball-School Captain
Football-Right midfielder for School
Hockey-Left half District
Table Tennis-School No.2
Cricket- Captain at District Level (overseas)
Athletics- Fastest 100 and 200 meters Under 12 District Level
Snooker-Highest break 75
Golf-Lowest handicap 6, currently 8

And lousy karaoke singer (tone deaf, monotonous voice). God is fair.

I'm now dressed for work and its nearly 11 am. I wonder how much longer before I lose total interest in my job.


Anonymous said...

to me, you will always be the best hamster(local and overseas).

and you singing to the legendary john is not bad, wot?

Leen Ash Burn said...

You're just saying you can't sing because you don't wanta go karayokay with us because we hog the mike isseunnit?

a babe of very little brain said...

but you're hensem, especially when you're naked and in that car doing things you do best.


yati said...

darts man... that's the way to go! you should put the sound up too for the atmosphere *grin*

all those sports credential... but where's the dart?! humpf... not imressed :-p

dilettanteP said...

Oh mi god sicko!

Recently, I have listened to the Shanghai '30s diva classics like everyday!!!

My favourite album at the moment.:) Reminds me of the decadent days where Shanghai was the Paris of the East!!!

See we've got telepathy!;)

pugly said...

Sorry, did you mean to say that you played `chess' or `chest'? :-P

You're quite the athlete, aintcha? ;-)

Anonymous said...

U actually have a job?

I thot you hang around corridors in Putrajaya and making deals with civil servants at pre-arranged corners :D

kop trollop said...

sic, you make me go 'hic'

sicko said...

ylanda, noone has heard me at what's construed as singing.

leen, ppl go karaokay to sing one meh? thot its for the 'company'.

babe, driving around with my spare tyre is not something i'm proud of.

yati, i'm good at darting off work. :D

dilettantep, sure or not got?? can you guess the color of my underwear i'm wearing now?

pugly, you wouldnt think so if you met me. haha

sir cipan, hanging around corridors and dark passageways is right up my 'alley'.

trollop, dont telan without food first.

anttyk said...

I suck at sports... Except losing me marbles. I'm good at that.

sic6sense said...

anttyk, that's the most important thing. I'm proud of you. :D

Anonymous said...

where's the cv for bed sports?

bunnywunny said...

Excessive talent leads to restlessness, burnout and ultimately disillusionment?

EEKS!!!! Desist such repugnant morbidity!