Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Own Self Syiok

The New Year literally intoxicates you into a state of cocksureness. Sure, the cock and bull will disintegrate into carcasses within the next 2 weeks but it doesnt hurt to ejaculate a little.

Since this is the Visit Malaysia Year, the smart thing to do is to travel abroad and avoid hordes of 3rd class Arabs, agricultural Chinese and retiring Europeans seeking dental treatment. My get out of jail list includes:

1. Liverpool vs Barcelona at Anfield.
2. The Angkor Wat in Siem Reap.
3. Trans Siberian from Beijing to Moscow and the last leg down to Prague.
4. Marrakesh and the Atlas Mountains.
5. The Basque region and the Rioja vineyards.
6. Tented camp in the Golden Triangle.
7. Hanoi and Hoi An.

Sometimes I forget I have a job and bills to pay. In event, the bills keep mounting and the brain washing from the Visit Malaysia campaign succeeds, the carcass may well look like this:

1. Selangor vs Perlis at Shah Alam.
2. The ruins of Bok House in Jalan Ampang.
3. The Gemas Express Train ride.
4. Grass skiing in Genting Highlands.
5. Sipping tea in cool Cameron Highlands.
6. The clear waters of Port Dickson.
7. Disco dancing in Kota Bahru.

* got to go. reality no 1 just called. I'm late on my mortgage payment.


yati said...

if you're over in anfield, give me a shout! i'll come over with my barcelona shirt... i don't have one, obviously, but i'm sure i could find one in the charity shop down the road!

if not... well... since it's VMY2007, i'll be over in march and i look forward to skiing in genting and boogeying in kota bahru! i still have some disco moves in me you know!

Anonymous said...

this is the 3rd year ive postponed my angkor wat trip. jom sicko. lets go dust some temples.

anttyk said...

LOL. First post for 2007, and I understood everything. Here's to a great year sic!

Ms J said...

hahaha agree with anttyk...wot happened? you made perfect sense this time around.

how about Ski-ing in Aspen, Colorado? free lodging in exchange for babysitting services.

dilettanteP said...

U must make sense cos something must've happen to your soul...heh..;)

Lily the Hussy said...

You forgot Rumah Urut Bukit Bintang.

p/s: Can I be your fwen? *batt eyelashes*

TTG said...

How about olive and cili kering plantation as a business to supply to all the tapas bistro?? :P

Me too, can I be your fren :D

sicko said...

yati, you'll be brave (or foolish) to wear a barca jersey to anfield on a euro night.:D. can only imagine you disco-ing away in KB as I wont be allowed entry to the same sex party.

princesswonkers, dust wot temples? i thot it was a great party place.

anttyk, i feel nekkid. Thanks!

msJ, skiing in Aspen would be fabulous. dont know about baby poo though. and i've no breasts to feed.

dilettantep, thats an interesting observation. maybe i finally discovered it.

lily, rumah urut BB is not an excursion. its a routine. :p

ttg, i'm sure it will work if i live in spain. nak jadi penpal?

[Is]landa said...

u missed out the S&M Cave in bangkok

sicko said...

islanda, leave my fetish outta dis!

Anonymous said...

i want to tapau one monk home. letak in bottle like sea monkeys and see them go about their daily lives.

what? only u can have fetish? ;p

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

marrakesh sounds tempting. jom naik basikal di marrakesh. and let's be kind and jemput si-basikal-tua too.

butchscouserchick said...

I want to be your friend too. I think you can turn me straight.

sicko said...

princessbonkers, sungguh keji. monks need fresh mountain air and serene surrounding, not living in a bottle looking at some chick getting nekkid in front of them.

babe, thats a splendid idea. apparently, there are many great photo opportunities too.

butch, sure. i love making a wrong woman right.

Desparil said...

err.. the waters in PD... clear ke?

sic6sense said...

desparil, the brochure says so. :))