Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Close Call

I like cool summer days and warm winter nights. We wont be appropriately dressed.

On a train across Germany one mild autumn's day, a cellist with the Berlin Philharmonic attempted to engage me in some intellectual discourse about the passage of time. The only noteworthy pitch he made was love is not something you can recapture because the melange of emotions at that moment has passed. I didnt expect him to know better. He has only loved one.

Love does manifest itself in different forms through different people at different times. I wasnt about to argue, we still had 3 hours to go.

I had intended to write about my love for my country and the sacrifices that I would make but thankfully this post distracted me. For fear of feminist militants attacking me, I refrained from making any comments and decided that its better to shit in my own blog.

Acquiring knowledge and having a social conscience are all fine and dandy but it wont get you laid. You need good grooming even if you look like a chihuahua.

This sucks. I dont know what I'm saying or doing anymore. I cant be sitting here without my clothes with a shot of whisky thinking it would make me blog. Time I stop blogging.


" (creating drama by quitting blogging briefly)

I'm back!!


sharifah labia said...


Ms J said...

oh, i happen to like chihuahuas - long and narrow.

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

peerah! choke on the sambal petai, please.

[V]landa said...

drama lebih. tak koser.

Anonymous said...

I disagree Dina's last point. I have a brain yet I cant afford a German car.

The word love is as vague as the word nice. It doesn't mean anything. Nothing at all. What you feel only matters to you. It is what you do to the ppl u say u love to, that what matters. Its only thing that counts.

community service by

yati said...

oi!! don't steal my drama queen title oi!

Anonymous said...

hey guys i know youve heard the song 'are you in' by incubus... maybe we could reflect these scattered thoughts we've been perceiving from these modus operandi of this whole cosmic

[V]landa said...

sergei and anonymous are a match made in heaven.

sicko said...

sharifah, machaolabia!

ms j, chihuahua all bark no bitelah.

babe, banyak emo nampak. i prefer raw petai actually. pungent good for cheese.

vlanda, i memang tak kosher. kalau nak dosa mai sini.

sic6sense said...

sergei, i thot her last point was a beautiful woman is made not born. ko ni memang melayula, baca sepatah dah pandai berkomen.

yati, banyak drama queen kat sini yo. boleh main together gether.

anon, ur truly a scatter brain. the cosmic is calling u back.

ylanda, their love knows no boundaries, for the universe is theirs.

Anonymous said...

dear sicko,

Mesti la melayu.

cina mana blog? they busy working mah. U think monthly payment Toyota Altis Corolla 1.8GLA champagne colour drop from sky ah?

And show me an indian blogger and i'll show u melayu yang mortgage rumah habis bayar awal.


Anonymous said...

That is so disappointing; i believe i haven’t told a lie, for if you believe I am a scattered brain it simply means you’ve figured it out, but are we not wrecked? So there lies an inconsistency. Even you believe that the real truth is somewhere hidden and still everything is an attempt (so whatever that truth is) hence sophia owns everything by the beliefs of a piety but a choice of unbearable options, thus who can tell to himself he is diff. when everything about us is uncertain. Even history doesn’t owned any proof that someone holds everything about in a mere cup although for that satisfaction substance it’s all about that vast attempt, and now I could probably say are you in or are you not. So much better when everyone is in, for none owns the universe, the universe owns us… or maybe just for now.

sicko said...

dear bored sergei,

indian tak main bloglah, semua sibuk cari gaduh. lu mesti ada keturunan india skit.



the nomad said...

"Love does manifest itself in different forms through different people at different times."

Hear, hear!

P/S: The times when I can decipher your posts are few and far between so this was refreshing! :D

sicko said...

anon, dont take offence my friend for i didnt meant to be offensive.who knows what the truth is for only in the future we know whats true today. they say to move forward u must know the past. i beg to differ, if i know my past, i wont be doing what i do today. the failure of sophie is not in her choice. its her lack of options. as rafa benitez would agree options is the the ONLY way. dont you see the irony in that. dont be obssessed with possessions. we dont have to own anything in our time here. definitely not the universe. it wont fit into my house.

sicko said...

the nomad, i knew you would relate to that! haha

Anonymous said...

Well i guess now you have declared it as not offensive, and in my part it would be a lie if i’ll said i don’t feel such guilt, but anyway it’s nice for to you reply in a sensible manner and not to argue to some of what you’ve said. I appreciate it for you are a competent man and mostly satirist. The two things i don’t agree is the irony for I believe it’s more coincidental, and probably what differs each is their choice of what to believe. The possessions I want to own is what I desired and it blends for it is something I want everyone to own (probably the perception is understood) but yet its like a hopeless romantic and there my respect to you for you are the laughter in my silence a dress-like I will wear of that fine weather… just to procrastinate, your house or our house is just a small particle of the universe it also doesn’t fit.

yati said...

oklah... boleh drama queen togeder-geder... mengada-ngada :-p

princesswaffzonkle said...

what long comments. lets just get drunk and naked please.

sicko said...

anon, i appreciate your magnanimity and thank you for the kind words. now if only you can help me understand you better, i will learn to be more thoughtful with my words. interesting you say that our house doesnt quite fit into the universe. at the risk of spewing out philosophical mumbo jumbo, perhaps we're both wrong. our home is our universe.

sickoism orgasmico.

sicko said...

yati, coming back to earth, i would say lets mengedik-gedik. :D

princess, sekali kala biarlah sicko mewayangkan kejantannya. lepas tu bole main.

[V]landa said...

kenapa i tot anonymous is buih buihan?

sic6sense said...

vlanda, if i were betting man, i would say anon is spanish learning english.

Anonymous said...

well if only you could hear me first rather than to satisfy your initial approval, i’ll be less confuse than you (or maybe you're back) figuratively nothing is false to what i have written, but literally you mock it... and a thorough reading of the latter conversion will tell it all.

yati said...

gedik gedik gedik gedik

gemma binti gammy legs said...

Funny ylanda said that. i was thinking the same thought. I'm such a thinker, me.

bunnywunny said...

The erstwhile drama queen concedes her crown to the more deserving (looks at sic6sense pointedly)

buih buihan said...

Think it's dilettante p going incognito or perhaps danyanovalaa.

Anon.....don'tla shy shy.
We all love being gedik and gatal with sic.

sicko said...

let anon be. i came across anon at yng lyn's blogla.

Leen Ash Burn said...

In any case, I am so proud to report that I understooded this entry. I feel clever already!

And welcome back! You've been missed! *cough*.

sur chee pan da cinak blogger said...

anon somehow sounds like CT wit Dictionary Quicksearch.

Am I wrong?

buih buihan said...

So protective....?

siti nurhaliza said...

who callings my name?

yati said...

eh... buih-buihan West Ham fan ke?

I'm forever blowing bubbles, pretty bubbles in the air
They fly so high,
Nearly reach the sky,
Then like my dreams they fade and die
Fortune's always hiding,
I've looked everywhere
I'm forever blowing bubbles, pretty bubbles in the air
United! United!

berbuih-buih nyanyi... tapi bottom of the league jugak :-p

pugly said...

I love it when I can't understand you :-)

lilyliverbird said...

yati: lol @ your remarks re: west ham.

sicko: wah..meriahnya blog..rasa macam hari natal :D

sicko said...

lost money at golf :((

anon, i wouldnt attempt a sly dig on you for it may be lost in translation.

yati, rancaknya gedikan. must be the spring weather.

gemma, thinking jam skit :p

bunnywunny, it was just at that instant. i dont wear the crown well.

sicko said...

buih2an, i think everyone's guessing wrong. its neither you or the others. its probably a guy.:))

leen, thank you! *scratches bola*

sur chee pan, rajinnya CT. DK keuntungan besar.

siti n, kind sir chee pan want to know how many for a shot time.

buih2an, mestilah maintain harmoni untuk kesejateran bangsa dan werlll!

sicko said...

yati, hahaha. i actually like the hammers. east end and all.

pugs, even if you dont understand me, i'll still bare it all.

lils, wahhh celebriti tulen datang memeriahlan blog rendah ini. shukor rahmat.

NinJaMoo said...

Dropping in after seeing Pugly's tag. Good stuff man!

yati said...

eh... where's my comment?? alamak!! ni sure terletak kat blog orang lain!! masalah besar ni!

sic6sense said...

ninjamoo, thanks! nice udders. :D

yati, yelah. go gedik everywhere somemorela.

yati said...

i won't gedik anywhere anymore... i'll stay true to you. *grin*

i think ninjamoo is my cousin! as you know... my name is ninjabee *wink*

NinJaMoo said...

You think? Coz' I was thinking of implants. Bit expensive for all of them tho' ;p

sic6sense said...

Yati, don't let me stop you. Takkan you boleh gembira gan aku saja. Swing away. Haha

Ninjamoo, I prefer them well hung.:)). Hope the guys don't get too xcited reading this.