Thursday, April 27, 2006

Tree Top Mentality

No dirty linen on display BUT .......

All Valued Residents,

Dear Sir/Madam

Throwing Cigarettes Butts From Units Balconies

The management wishes to express its deep regret that despite writing to a few residents not to throw cigarettes butts from the balconies, we still see residents continue doing it. A week ago a resident had her shirt partially burnt due to a burning cigarette being dropped from the balcony. We seek all residents' cooperation to stop throwng cigarettes butts outside. Please use ashtrays and throw it in the dustbins.

XXX Management

Its not about the grammatical and spelling errors nor
about them witnessing the act nor
about a lady getting burnt nor
that we need to buy disposable ashtrays.

So much for living in a 'high class' condominium where its main occupants are provincial Japanese, crude Koreans and trashy Whites. The token local monkey is offended.


princesswaffzonkle said...

is it like cig butts fireworks there where u live?

note to self:
cancel plan for a night in ascott for NYE 2006. go to sic's condo - anytime of the year.

madnoh said...

Uhh.. I used the orchid pots, can ah? Hope no one noticed.

[Is]landa said...

does the management complain about the kuacis being tossed off the balony too?

vic said...

Nothing beats folding paper aeroplanes and setting them into flight from the balcony. I miss doing that at PKNS flats in Kg Baru once upon a time. Those were the fun pre-vcd/dvd days when we got to see nice topless women in movies shown at cinemas. The planes wont burn anyone. Wont break anyone's head. Wont be much of a litter, cos theres already litter everywhere.

On a serious note, i blame the Gomen for lack of balls to enact proper laws to govern strata living. Warning letters never work. Imposing fines and suing would be more effective.

Why not employ a voyuer to watch all balconies. Record events. Then go to the floor above the offender, and dump lots of ciggie ash onto their balcony. Never been tried as far as i know. Theres always a first for everything.

Or, just move to a higher class scheme.

yvy said...

i think maybe they dun understand *english*. ulu people!!!

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

when i had to live in an apartment, i chose to live on one of the higher floors (gayat pun takpe).

after one year of highrise living, i chose to go back to land. have been on land ever since.

which reminds me of the days when i was in college ... we had our classes on the top floors of the tallest building (a 14-storey building) and me and my gang whenever we skipped classes would sit at the balcony throwing paper planes out. they travelled quite far ... miles and miles away.

sic6sense said...

princessflamingbutt, bring an umbrella along.

maddie, orchids fine but stay away from my poppies.

ylanda, fug youlah!

vic, I'm sure there are a couple of voyuers around, freelancing. How would you define a high class scheme anyway?

yvy, actually, that's a valid point. These people could have misread the message as stop throwing dump from your butt off the balcony. hahaaha :P

sic6sense said...

babe, stay grounded. You're less of a hazard that way. :)

vic said...

define? easy. Youve acknowledged youre staying in a high class condo.

So, a higher class one would be something more expensive or better yet, the most expensive available, with better location, facilities, finishes, furniture and security. And occupants have to take EQ and English tests to filter out riff raffs. Nice females exempted from such tests, obviously.

Legitimatize the voyuers. Give incentives and bonuses. Catch the littering offenders red-handed. If there so happens to be "action" on the balconies or via open windows, claim copyright and sell to dvd pirates.

babulicious said...

We in Malaysia what? We are still considered living on tree tops regardless of building the twin towers. Therefore, even when foreigners come here to stay they adapt to the same mentality of living on treeslaa. Also, no matter how high the price paid, it unfortunately does not maketh it high end.

A suggestion for my dear sic for the very near future; move into a HOUSE. It's your own property and you can sue your neighbours if they encroach or even attempt to be a pain.

Hmm.......somewhere where there are lots of decent, social conscious folks, lots of greenery (like the hutan). All very peaceful. Only vagrants are the monkeys, beruks, babi hutans and random squirrels.

[Is]landa said...

come to the island with meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

ps: there are rooms with air conditioning u know?*wink wink*

sic6sense said...

vic, we already have legit voyuers mah. Those under the guise of religion and a dumbass municipal council.

babul, house is a consideration but security is important. Jungle even better although I doubt the beruks would appreciate my presence.

island girl, make sure the air con 2hp at least. Ada swimming pool for laps?

madnoh said...

Sicko knows all about voyeurism, I guess. Link.

Oreos said...

goes to show that people are people, whether they live in high class condos or kondo rakyat.

lilyliverbird said...

I did this once, at my friend's apt. Landed on the balcony of her downstairs neighbour. I've since learnt to use her flower pot since she doesn't have any ashtray. What kind of hospitality is this lah?

sic6sense said...

maddie, watching people throw ciggie butts not my thing though.

oreo, people are people. I love that depeche mode song. lesson here is dont buy condos with balconies.

lily, you're obviously not welcomed there.