Wednesday, April 12, 2006

You're bloody useless!

This got to rank high up in my list of detestable phrases. "All said and done......", basically disregards whatever has been said and done. Just kena from my client but there are other phrases that just makes my blood boil.

"I dont disagree with you BUT". Oxymoron phrase used by pig heads.

"And so?". Blur phrase used by your associate who is fiddling with his handphone.

"And SO?". Condescending phrase used by pig heads.

"So how ah?". Desperate cry for help.

"So how?". You better come up with a solution phrase.

"I knew it!". You have just vindicated what I thought previously but I didnt want to tell you.

"I dont know". You're just buying time to come up with a credible answer after being caught with your pants down.

"What do you mean!". Can you please repeat it so I hear it right phrase.

And of course... "I TOLD you so". Asshole phrase.

Writing this post made me realize that I've been guilty of using some of these phrases. Actually, saying "Fuck it!", "You're bloody useless" and "Why you so stupid one" has better redeeming qualities than an ill disguised taunt. Everyone will feel better.


tigerjoe said...

Try a couple more:

"Having said that..." which is only half as annoying as "But, no...".

Noni said...

Try 'I put it to u'... lu nak taroh sama gua ka?... makes me just wanna gag myself roll on the floor and drown in my own vomit!

'I'm so boring' when people say 'it's depend' but 'that's mean' when some one says 'ups to u', u just tell them 'well up urs lah'!

'Thanks god' for small mercies i'd say.

'If anything I call u'. Ok?

Cosmic_GurL said...

Or "well u know..." Hello! If I know then we wouldnt be discussing the issue now would we? Sheesh!

madnoh said...

BASICALLY, I cringe when AT THE END OF THE DAY people get into a reflective mood and says "EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON".

And my favourite stating the obvious phrase: WELL, DUUHHH..

babulicious said...

Say Whatever. When you're screwed, you're SCREWED! Anything anyone says is going to get cringeing.
And if you're the one doing the screwing, use all the probable stabbing phrases you can spit out. If it makes you feel better.

Reaction is the same for everyone, pure FRUSTRATION.

Desparil said...

i just hate "you can't have your cake and eat it too".

wtf? it's my cake. MY cake. i can bloody well eat it if i want to.

sic6sense said...

was chairing an early morning meeting with this post in mind, so I started off the session with "So what the fuck happened?!"

"Err..Can I get back to you?"


vic said...

"Dia tak ada. Pergi minum / kursus. Tak tahu bila dia balik" = civil servants are here not to serve the public, but to serve themselves.

You just feel like slapping the fella who said it, cos nobody else will be able to attend to your needs.

translation:he is not in. gone for drink/course.dont know when will be back

sic6sense said...

vic, you're right. They are either out for tea or attending some courses. I avoid dealing with Govt agencies if I can.