Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Bird in Hand

I'm shedding skin and my Liverbird tattoo looks diseased and pink.

*big frown*

flamingo jokes would not amuse.


madnoh said...

Your tattoo might've jinxed Arsenal last night. To you I owe a heap of gratitude.

Yng Lyn said...

haha i am in pain. and you know why.

yvy said...

Scabbing is normally, just make sure u dont pick it or peel it off despite it being so tempting. I know that it should also be itching now but u must not scratch it. Either hit ur tattoo or use alchohol to ease the itch. I normally hit it, rubbing is oso ok but be gentle. U dont want the skin to peel off too early or it will leave behind blotches. Also, dont expose to sunlight for at least a month, if u wanna show it off, show off at night lar. If u want more details or wanna ask anything else, feel free to email me : mistyzblog[a]gmail[dot]com. You can also send me a pix so I can see how it's goin [if u want].

*I CnP from my answer to u in my blog*

[Is]landa said...


princesswaffzonkle said...

call me kusta sommore.

vic said...

go see a doctor.

plenteh said...

.. worth two in the bush? (c.f. this post's title) :P

Was watching Grey's Anatomy on Starworld last night and thought of you. There was this chappie who had an infected tattoo (of a spider tho, not your emblem of 'lurrve' :P), went into sepsis.. and DIED. (I can almost hear the "Choyyyy"-s and the "tai kat lai see"-s right now.. hahaha)

Wouldn't want that to happen to you, gorgeous. Who would I call to get tipsy in the middle of the day with me then? *rotflmao* =))

Cosmic_GurL said...

Oh dear, wot happened la? Shedding skin? Euwww. Gross. Kesian but still gross.

yvy said...

ps. hope u're still applying that anti-septic cream they gave u, assuming that they did.

sicko said...

maddie, yeah i gave the liverbird a pat too.

yng n yang, you going be bawling when henry leaves. :D

yvy, thanks a lot. shy to show off for now!

ylanda, dont moisturize a woundlah. you want it to dry.

princessnuskin, bad me.

vic, i'm not dyinglah.

plenteh, big CHOY indeed! so where's your blog?

cosmic, it will be worth it. Just you wait and see. :P

bex said...


I still want to see it lar. Hahaha and that flamingo thing reminds me. First time I talked to some male Liverpool fans and they thought that our LIVERBIRD IS A FLAMINGO!!!

vic said...

thought we were all dying. but thats another story.

no lah. me too saw Dr Grey last nite. first thing crossed my mind reading your post was a feeling of concern :P

you dont watch the show?

sic6sense said...

bex, not many know that the liverbird is mystical.

vic, well a trendsetter dont watch shows like grey because its trendy to do so. i only watch Akademi Fantasia and the like.