Wednesday, May 17, 2006


The perversion of power from getting a fellatio exceeds the derived pleasure.
The perversion of power from giving a fellatio exceeds the derived pleasure.

This heady exchanges are about the continuous transfer of power and sharing a common ground. Its a win win situation.

I share Vic's sentiments about the political and economic climate devouring this country. But there are changes, subtle it may be. A perceptive friend told me recently that NST, the beleaguered government mouthpiece, is gaining credibility with contributing columnists such as Yasmin Ahmad, Imtiaz Bakhtiar and the like. Sacred cows and left field ideas once censored are being debated.

I read Paddy Schubert's Mother's Day article in the NST. She wrote that at her son's funeral, a Malay friend sang Amazing Grace at the church ceremony. Editorial would have intervened 12 months back.

By giving back the freedom of expression and power, true governance and care will take place. You'll less likely get bitten,


Lily goes into the deep end said...

This stuff is too deep for me. Pun intended.

princesswaffzonkle said...

i shud get a tat then. awright!!

sic6sense said...

lily is deep, i'm rather confused myself.

princesswonky, get some tits while you're at it.

princesswaffzonkle said...

i HAVE tits spank you very much.

vic said...

that sounded so kinky. perhaps she meant.... "i have tits. spank you very much". I preferred the first though.

(a . does wonders)

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