Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Grease Lightning

The extent of human greed is truly bewildering.

For some reason or another, I've been inundated with matters concerning the environment. I'm going to do my part in making the world a better place. A place where our children can run naked without fear of drowning, overheating and Datuk Ks.

Ask Siti. Its not easy washing off grease.

Since there are no distressed readers this week, I'm going to write a short letter to the PM because he might be.

Dear PM,

No sir, I'm not addressing the afternoon. I'm referring to the afterthought.

You were not the first, second nor the third choice. Its worse. You're becoming Sophie's Choice.

Please prove us wrong.


*A "Sophie's Choice" is a tragic choice between two unbearable options.


[V]landa said...

palat sicko perisa fatty crab

waffles said...

u tasted?

yati said...

take me to my happy place...

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

between the devil and the deep blue sea ...

sicko said...

welcome to the mental asylum.

The Tai Tai said...

this calls for a company dinner. i'll send the driver over.

Sharifah Labia said...

Look at me, I'm Lily O,
lousy with virginity
Won't go to bed till I'm legally wed, I can't,
I'm Lily O,

Watch it, hey, I'm Siti Nurhaliza I was not brought up that way
Won't come across,
even Datuk K lost his heart to Siti Nurhaliza

I don't drink or swear, I won't rat my hair,
I get ill from one cigarette
Keep your filthy paws off my silky drawers.
Would you pull that crap with Mother Theresa?

As for you, Sicko, I know what you wanna do
You got your cheezy crust, I'm no object of lust,
I'm just plain Lily O,

Elvis, Elvis, let me be, keep that pelvis far from me
Just keep your cool, now you're starting to drool
Hey, dungu, I'm Lily O.

Anonymous said...

diff. culture, diff. percept, like to us and ofcourse to anyone we/us crave for that fatty crab, but society's norm a crab is sign of danger it loves to pull down those people's dream in realities/crab mentality; and the cheeze of the french and west owns fatty... we eat it daily and have diff laugh (true)rather than diabetic to that impending doom-i choose not to argue, but act like a rebel, and hope like the poets and waste all that thinking and ask whats not been said and do, and leave everthing to the strings of the stars like someone said "love keep the stars apart"

sicko said...

tai tai, send the caged van over. the public needs protection.

sharifah labia, you win the labia lurving comment of the week. let me get back to you in the next post.

you must be the other sicko.
altho i think you come from the land of sushi. because in japan, the language translator doesnt work well. In a tokyo bar,the sign says "special cocktail for ladies with nuts". i'm glad ur sicko and not nutty.

Anonymous said...

i guess that tokyo bar really is serving that special to those, well thanks for the tnemilpmoc -do i hide it well? (lovely poema to sweet lilyO)hehe