Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Green Not Envy

This has to be written with some conviction. I may the wrong person to propagate this but dont let the flippant design of this post undermine the gravity of the message. Shoot the messenger, if need be.

These mutually exclusive events took place last week.

1. An Irish friend showed a business model integrating environmental concerns with a social network. The business of the future.
2. Gore's Inconvenient Truth enlightened. It wasnt just learning about how fragile our earth is, but it made me realized that the right President won. Gore wouldnt have been an effective environmentalist if he was ruling the world.
3. Nostradamus had the audacity to invade my sub-conscience. Next time I fall asleep on the sofa, I'll make sure the cartoon network is on instead.

Since the world is ending soon, go watch Gore's movie for your own sake. I'll continue blogging naked for yours and the environment's sake.

a brainwave: we should have a Blogging Naked and Dont Shower Week supporting the Kyoto Declaration. I promise a farting good time.

Ok to a more serious matter. A troubled reader.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sicko,

I am in my 30s and I have been been busting balls for many years. I dont think I can do this for long. I am tired of the effort I put in, time allocated to it and shit I have to take so that I can maintain my existing lifestyle. This lifestyle is not anywhere near great to warrant me to maintain it. I would like to be rich and bored like you. Please advice.


Dear John,

Thank you for having the balls to write in. Busted it may be.

I know of a friend who gave up her career and lifestyle for her own sanity (thats open to debate). Fortunately, she has the talent and the gumption to cultivate her interest into a rewarding one financially.

No, she's not a cyclist.

Then there's me. I've no talent and have a distaste for the daily grind. I wish I had more money and fit into a size 32 pants.

Fortunately, I dont really care to be like anyone else. Maybe thats the difference between you and me.



kiut teddy bear said...

You are so macho when you are nasty.

Want to do the nasty with me?

danyanova said...

"Our world faces a true planetary emergency" Capitol Hill had heard him say yesterday.

The-right-president-who-won wouldn't even know what planetary means.

Oh sorry. It's not a vocabulary competition now issit? :P

the nomad said...

If you read Michael Crichton's "State of Fear" -- albeit a work of fiction based on real world research findings, you'd wonder if Mr. Gore is just blowing a lot of hot air.

yati said...

i fit into a size 32 pants! does that make me sexy?

as for all this global warming stuff... maybe... just maybe... it's the course of time. it has happen before... and CO2 is released by plants, volcanos, and being (humans and animals) farting. not to trivialise the state of the world now because we do need to look after the place we live in... but sometimes i wonder if it's not a scare tactics for the politicians to get more taxes off us... maybe it's just here in the UK... green taxes, extra tax if you drive a 4x4, taxed if you fly on a plane, extra council tax to pick up your recycling rubbish... all in the name of environment. just my train of thoughts... oh... train prices is increased to so that the fat cats could 'improve the service'... yeah... right!

the handmaid said...

Dahling sic, if blogging nekkid seems to inspire and in some cases, aspire, could you go for the Hollywood (in this case the Brazillian would not suffice)? For my sake. :))

Anonymous said...

Dear Sicko,

Thank you for replying and putting it on the blog although it did answer my question.


Mr Incognito said...

inconvenient truth was great. amazing what you can achieve with a powerpoint presentation. u gave me an idea - maybe i could present better nekkid.

pugly said...

I can fit into your size 30-sth pants ;-P

princesswaffzonkle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
princesswaffzonkle said...

sorry that was me. i didnt realize i wrote nearly similar to what pugly wrote.

what the heck, u cant blame us, we all want to git into ur pants sicko. is there room for another? scoot over pugs.

[V]landa said...

tapi seluar sicko byk palat.

[V]landa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
former blogger turn professinal spammer said...

Sicko is the new Jeff Ooi.

Vote Sicko for PM!

Anonymous said...

You lot are pathetic. No class at all. Rich by association pon jadi lah?!

I will go to Seri Kembanagan and soup up my Honda with custom made fibreglass and Taiwan OEM Porche parts to make my car look like a 911. (Like that Peugeout 206 ad in India).

Then u lot will drool! Biatch!


pugly said...

Princesswaffzonkle, I think there's plenty of room for the 2 of us - & more! :-)

Anyone else want to hop in?

anttyk said...

LOL. I love [v]landa's comment.


The Cat in a hat said...

Not into getting into Sic's pants but wouldn't mind being a fly on the wall when the rest of you do. :D
I am back about mid April, so save it till then right.

Rt Hon Sir Cipan Nougat-Tenuk said...

Dear sicko,

Smeone told me women just love the smell of money.

Is this true?

If it is, then would lining my underpants with euro notes get me more blowjobs?

If it won't, then which currency notes will do the trick?

*anxiously awaiting by the moneychanger mamak.

tiu tew said...

This is such a happening blog. Wish I had discover it sooner.

Is the blog owner too cool to reply comments then?

sicko said...

i thought i was sweet by being honest. but if nasty sells, call me beastly. dont really understand americans and their ivy league presidents where an islamic studies graduate can do as well screwing up the country. For every Gore, there's a Crichton. but surely the evidence is overwhelming. if not, kyoto wont be ratified. i think all of us know something's not right with the world ie weather patterns. the so called taxes are further proof that the Government realizes that there's a problem and alternative sources of energy need to be considered.

sicko said...

i'm going naked for a good cause, not JUST because i look good doing so. dont thank me, the answers are there if you look hard enough. i thought the best actor was the powerpoint. of course, Gore was pretty handy with the pointer.

sicko said...

you can all fit into my pants as long as I'm wearing it. palat is optional. give me a few days notice to accumulate. jeff is a credible blogger. isnt that an oxymoron? sicko cant run for PM because his cronies only want to main and not work.

sicko said...

i'm sure the seri kembangan porsche will impress the crowd you keep. am I suppose to vacate my place mid april? i think women prefer to spend rather than smell money. you're such a cock teaser.

the blogowner has replied.

[V]landa said...

spam comment board sendiri.

macam stingray pulak.

sic6sense said...

whattodo. boutique blog kena buat meriah skit.

male chicken teaser said...


not sicko said...

hi, are you really that rich, i mean upon decrypting (to that like), you probably might (still a guess)
coz in charity as it is, would you mind to buy me a humor for you?
(i mean it like a joke, if it is i really dont know, coz/but you're that funny)
beautiful blog-

[V]landa said...

fatty crab