Thursday, March 15, 2007

This is not Dear John

Its terribly unsettling when you get it wrong 90% of the time. I've 2 locks securing my main door and it always take 4 turns to get it right. The yin of my yang is imbalanced.

There's this other thing. Someone thinks I've a good thing with the Dear Sicko letters. The last person who did a Dear John blog didnt last too long. It wasnt wise of him seeking his own counsel for the same demons admonished.

Pugly tagged me. I dont normally do tags but since she has good traffic, its wise to do so. Some weird stuff about me.

1. I blog naked,
2. sometimes single handedly but
3. always fidgeting
4. because I need to get my alignment right.
5. If I touch left, I need to touch right.
6. I cant be touching you too.


This inquiry should be dealt with as it concerns me.

Sharifah Lili Labia al Konek said...

abang sicko,

adik di fahamkan di kelas mengaji masa adik kecil dan comel dan masih dara dulu, bahawa konek yang halal adalah konek yang telah disunat, iaitu yang tidak dipakaikan jaket kulit lagi.adakah ini bermakna, kalau adik bermain dengan jejaka yang telah disunat, ini tidak dimasukkan kategori berzina?

Mahukah abang sicko berzina dengan adik?

Sharifah Lili Labia al Konek,

Pertama sekali, abang minta izin berbalas dalam bahasa kebangsaan, iaitu bangsa English. Of course.

I anticipate your reply but time awaits no man. Even if the only man you know is your Pak Haji who kindly exhibited his halalness to you.

You confuse me and therefore I'm confused about wearing a jacket. Nevertheless, if you read about the Emperor's New Clothes, you might just understand. Let me quote.

"obvious truth denied by the majority despite the evidence of their eyes, especially when proclaimed by the government." Smell the cheese (roses).

This blog wont self destruct like Dear John. I cant be your counsel and your demon. Sorry, no zina.



Sharifah Labia Al Konek said...

Abang Sicko,
Abang salah faham.

Adik tak pernah naik Haji.

Bet you don't understand. lol

yati said...

are those the only 6 weird things about you? surely there's more! do tell ;)

pugly said...

Oouuhh, admit it - you did the tag because you're proud to display your ... erm ... *weirdness* to the whole world! X-P

princesswaffzonkle said...

u blogging nekked aint weird to us anymore. it would be weird if u dont blog nekked.

[V]landa said...

Adakah abang Sicko menggalakkan penzinaan awam?

Keropok said...

Dear Sicko,

I have a problem. My office toilet overlooks the swimming pool of a famous 5 star hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Lately I have taken to the view a lot (thank got for iklim khatulistiwa that the orang putih so love). As a result, I have been spending a lot of time there. Ergo, work is slipping.

Please advice.

pantani's 9th fan said...

for a while there i thought just he resurrected his Dear John blog. kihkihkih..

Anonymous said...

Dear Sicko is a flat sequel to Dear John. Like the newer Star Wars movies. Hmmm.. you just dont have the magic u know. Like the replacement for the Alfasud... just kenot lar. Like the present day Liverpool. U r just trying too hard to play. Kewell is no Barnes.

U KnOw what I mean?!>!

Anonymous said...

nothing like the original! u r Guess wanna be a Gucci!

Anonymous said...


luiza mendez said...

pantani's 2nd cousin is a has-been. a flat tyre. move on already.

sicko rocks big time!

Tiu Tew said...

question is: has sicko got a big rock?

princesswaffzonkle said...

if i guess anon deret tiga ni siapa can i ride in your porsche sicko?

anttyk said...

What's with the palat, opps cheese fetish? Heh.

Mr Incognito said...

kalau pakai jacket getah camna plak?

sharifah labia said...

Jaket getah is useful if you gonna take it outdoors during the rainy season.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sicko,

I am in my 30s and I have been been busting balls for many years. I dont think I can do this for long. I am tired of the effort I put in, time allocated to it and shit I have to take so that I can maintain my existing lifestyle.

This lifestyle is not anywhere near great to warrant me to maintain it.

I would like to be rich and bored like you. Please advice.


sicko said...

i was thinking of doing a Dear John and ignore the comments but i like having more than 6 readers.

sharifah labia, haji sure naik at the sight of your labia.

yati, i could write chapters about it but i dont think you would want to read about me shaving my legs.

pugly, i blog to do that, i do the tag so i might do you.

princess, what if i tell you i blog nekkid terkangkang?

vlanda, untuk memakmuran negara, yes. we need the summons to finance our budget deficit.

me said...

dear keropok,

continue jerking off (at) work. work at home where you can tell the wife to leave alone as you're busy while you chat to random strangers on the internet.


sicko said...

pantani's 9th fan, i miss him too.

anonymous, as much as i want to, i cant be Dear John. I dont write to myself. i only answer queries from others. Gucci dah passelah. tom ford has left for zegna. you follow the brand where i follow the designer. agree about kewell though. QPR tak nak beli ke?

luiza, but i thot pantani got spare tyre wud. lol

tiu, big yet small enough to run Rings around you.

sicko said...

princess, you think this one blog komersial ah? where got peraduan menang one. please visit lilyliverbirdforever.

anttyk, i also wonder about the women who reads this blog. they shud cut dairy from their diet.

mr incognito, sharifah cakap kalau indoor dengan dia, tak payah. labia dia tak waterproof. BYO krim.

sicko said...

Dear John, you win the query of the week (thus, the reply would be in the next post). i'll get someone to give u some labia lurving.

tiu tew said...

The air is a little pungent in here, no?

Must be the combo of all the nekkid blogging, cheese and unwashed labias.

Yng Lyn said...

ewwwww.. you blog naked


yati said...

you shave your legs? WAH!!! so sexy one!

sherpah hapizah said...

rumour has it dat u're very ensem and very rich.ijjit true?ijjit?

sic6sense said...

tiu tew, you must like it enuff to come back. :D

yng lyn, you too? kewl, next time we webcam each other when blogging.

yati, not anymore. did it when i was 16 coz i was the only guy who had hair on my legs. girls then didnt appreciate it.

sherpah hapizah, rumours are always true if you want to believe them.