Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Bereft of ideas at the moment since the idiot box (re: World Cup) has taken over, I'm turning into a zombiefied lump of lard. No wonder I'm suffering a meltdown.

Hitting the treadmill like an overzealous hamster heading nowhere is cutesy but its begining to run its course. Swimming laps is great until you figured that you've been swallowing pee. All this exercise is giving me rushes and rashes for the wrong reasons.

And work. Thats why its called W-O-R-K. Its hard and gets in the way of doing things that you like. Like being a lard.

What about hobbies? Used to have millions of them like the very mundane (stamps, really) to the very expensive (watches, really). Hobbies are for those fertile with ideas and enthusiasm. I need fertility treatment.

Lets list down some ideas.


I need help.


princesswaffzonkle said...

lets go catch butterflies and then dissect them. Dressed in our own white lab coats.

sic6sense said...

princesswonkybonkers, thats brilliant! Now you've made me upset for not thinking about it in the first place.

a babe who sleeps too much said...

i love 'em butterflies!!!

oh, other options you can consider is sleep. this is one of the most fulfilling hobbies i've ever had and i enjoy it tremendously.

madnoh said...

I'll give it a shot lah:

1. wine, women and song
2. sex, drugs and rock n' roll

Sound good?


[Is]landa said...

i wanna follow!!!

catching butterflies i mean.

BJ Lily said...

Wot happened to your first hobby, the one that involves your right hand and a bottle of lotion?

The Squatter said...

Stop wearing those tight shirts you Fat git!

Nict said...

hahahaha .. i agree with maddie ..

1. booze, women and ... errr ... musics
2. sex, drum and rocknroll
3. errr ...

Yng Lyn said...

lard? join the club....

I should be able to booze by friday next week.... let's watch spain vs saudi!! ;p

babulicious said...

there's already football and women. aren't they you're fave hobbies as is???? world cup's on and you've an invitation already. add a few whiskies and sodas and you're set. how dreary can it be???

Unless, you'd be interested in mine?
i enjoy plotting people's deaths. : ))