Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hopeless II

This is hopeless but I need to do it nonetheless.

My runaround car doesnt smell new anymore, I need a change.


pimp my robin reliant said...

You prolly have changed your 'ride' several times over and I'm still driving same ol' car. :P

This post of yours has gotten me thinking... Hmmm... *strokes chin thoughtfully*

princesswaffzonkle said...

hand me down that car please. thank you.

[Is]landa said...

ive known u longer than waffzonkle, therefore, i think i deserve that hand me down car more than she does.

vic said...

I was just about to jump queue, but then realised I wasnt a babe!

Do tell what mean machine attracts you now.
or errr the Satria Neo, ? :D

Whats plans for the big day?

[Is]landa said...

A year older, but any wiser?

Have a great 29th dear! ;)

sic6sense said...

pimping ur robin reliant, thinking what??

princesswonky, in exchange for the right amount for sure.

ylanda, when I decide to handmedown cars, I'll think of you.

vic, thot of going low profile. A Myvi perhaps. :p

and maddie,vic and I have birthdays days apart. emo sensitip cancerians.

madnoh said...

If I see you driving a Myvi, I'd jump off the nearest skyscraper. No point living any more, I would've seen it all.

On that note, Happy Birthday!