Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Common knows Sense

Small talk precommencement of big time negotiations by hotshot Oxbridge type fellas.

Ox : "all this calamity everywhere killing so many people. The pregnants ones sure become pontianaks"
Bridge: "Nolah!. Its the virgins and spinsters who become pontianak le"

Can someone please clarify this?

Overheard while getting stroked by my hairdresser.

Auntie: "market cannot play one. only the big syndicates make money and we all end carrying their babies. govmen just talk and talk about controlling them but no action.
Blowgirl: "haiya auntie, they always say that after the market koyak. When everything up, everyone syiok. When finish syiok, we all carry the baby lah.

I understood.

(picture: A pregnant pontianak?)


[Is]landa said...

that pontianak is no longer preggers lah.
beranak already.

nosferatu's bitch said...

The prego ones turn into Maya Karin in palazzo pants (no less) flying from tree to tree laa...

(And even though I'm straight as an arrow and do not possess even an ounce of Sapphic tendencies.. I am totally diggin' that pic of La Jolie... :P)

Fashionasia said...

me no understando.
but does it have to do with RM3 sex??

princesswaffzonkle said...

u takut keeee? [hari ni i bimbo hence the ngada2]

Lily no sense, sic or otherwise said...

So playing the market is like watching a match then? More babies conceived when time is good?

Yng Lyn said...

damn you, angelina! you have turned me into a lesbo!!!

sic6sense said...


the market =stock market
babies=shares that nobody wants
syndicates=stock market manipulators


vic said...

Vic to Blowgirl: Thats why before syiok finish, you must withdraw. Then got no baby to carry.

(blame my idiotic comment on my antibiotics)

[Is]landa said...