Monday, March 20, 2006

Too Close For Comfort

The hair stylist and I have a great understanding, a relationship akin to an old married couple.

He has been doing my business for the last 8 years. Which suits him as I dont think he has many customers.

He is not the greatest of stylist, I've even coached him. Which suits him as he's rather dull and I dont think he gets to update himself with the latest trends.

I love the long silence and rather not indulge in mindless conversations. Which suits him as I suspect he's not much of a talker anyway.

He doesnt have an inkling of who I am. Which suits him because he wouldnt want to reciprocate, justifying his existence.

I can secretly read FHM and oogle at the scantily clad models. Which suits him as it disctracts me from commenting at his ineptitudeness.

He doesnt aspire confidence as his own hair needs to be styled. Which suits him as expectations of a great haircut would be low.

His confidence is so low that he looks at me all the time, seeking approval. Which suits him because I dont think anyone else cares for him.

So I put up with all his inadequacies and insecurities. But what really irks me is that everytime he does my sides, his crotch brushes against my shoulder. Which doesnt suit me, I need to move on.


[Is]landa said...

but it suits me, pass me his number and salon location.

plenteh said...


And I SO know who you are talking about too. I still go to him you know... 10 years now. I'm SUCH a creature of habit. :P

I have no complaints, prolly coz I am very low-maintenance. Shorter hair higher maintenance mah...

Can't remember his crotch ever brushing my shoulder though... Hmmmmm. I'm always complimenting him on his nice jeans though. Wears the best of the best in designer ones, doesn't he? :P

eyeris said...

get a female hairstylst. problem solved. haha

I've been cutting my hair at the same hairstylist in Taman Melawati for almost 8 years now. The boss always gives me special attention (she cuts my hair personally), and even knows all my past hairstyles... haha

babulicious said...

It took you this long to be irked???

You need a change, uh huh! A crotch change, not a cut.

Familiarity breeds contempt. One, I'd say 8 years too long!

Lynna said...

haahhahaah sic!!!

princesswaffzonkle said...

U know you secretly love it..

sic6sense said...

ylanda, waste your currentlah.

plenteh, havent noticed the jeans. And i wouldnt start looking. He might get encouraged.

eyeris,used to have female stylist but damn moody and loves to talk. Stressful.

babul, the last time got me thinking...if I turn my head,it wont be my shoulder that is brushed. :P

lynna, :D

princessbonkable, oh yeahz! makes me want to eat him!