Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A Short Message Service

"The abuse of alcohol and women is the very condition of their (man's) aspiration, if not their genius... Proust". SMS received from this rather scrumptious doll at 6.45 pm.

"Free for a drink? Time we caught up. :)" . SMS received from an old female acquaintance at 6.46pm.

The first message wasnt sent en bloc. It was intended for the recipient as it was thought relevant. Claiming she's not deluded, she intends to unravel the mysteries of the truth. A quest of sorts. Poor sort.

The second message merely confirms the fact that women will never learn.


Ok, it was suppose to be inspiration and not aspiration. The context of the post changes but the message remains.


Angel Eyes said...

errr.. i dun understand..

Cosmic_GurL said...

So ermm which one do you plan to "abuse" first? :p

Lolly said...

So in other words, you have 2 sms-es that doesnt benefit u in any way.

I wonder who should be REALLY sad..

vic said...

The first stated the obvious. The second, me thinks, has learnt and chooses to go where it flows.. The first will sooner or later take this same path.

Anonymous said...

Inspiration babydoll! Not aspiration.

sic6sense said...

angel eyes, go have a martini!

cosmic gurl, I dont but I do get my share of abusive women and alcohol abuse.

lolly, at least i get to blog about it. :P

sic6sense said...

vic, I hope the first doesnt take a long time to learn.

anon, my bad! Big difference but neither are wrong. :)

babulicious said...

A rather abstruse thought.

May she uncover the truth of that and be the ingenious one to wield men or that one man!

sic6sense said...

babulicious, perhaps the truth lies within the woman. She has the power to chart her own destiny.

[Is]landa said...

i lost my national geographic magazine.
now i've run out of good chemical reaction love quotes.

sic6sense said...

ylanda, buy 2 copies. One for me!