Sunday, March 12, 2006

A Hazy Sunday Evening

Some random thoughts..

1. The Government is damn stupid. Shouldnt have changed a successful formula.
Petrol price increased by 0.45 cents last year (albeit gradually), noone complained. A mere one time 0.30 cents jump, people react like goverment and Petronas owe them a living. Get real, the subsidized and overgeared lifestyle we've been used to has finally caught up.

2. This blogger needs help.
The Lie Will Set You Free. A blend of fact, exaggerated truth, vicarious nominees and fantasy will let you write freely. The intend shouldnt be the accuracy of the story but the sanctity of the message.

3. This blogger really needs help.
Size doesnt matter, they say. Of course it doesnt, when you dont have them. And when you DO have it, it doesnt matter either.

4. A 12 year old Bunny is no fun.
Just had her and she didnt do me. I'm surprised Jim Murray rated her so highly. She lacked character, had the aroma of overgrown grass and tasted like cockroaches' pee.

5. This is a very tired blog.
Read somewhere that 50% of new blogs will suffer a blog fade within 3 months. This blog is no longer a statistic, its 4 months old. Its also very sick and will take a short hiatus.

Good riddance.


[Is]landa said...

yea i really do need help :|
and oh, it DOES matter.

Lolly said...

U shouldnt let it all get to you.
Far too many blogs have been sacrificied already...
Come back and be you.

babulicioius said...

I say, write only when inspired. Not interested in tedious, untitillating profanities or non-profanites.

No pressure. I eagerly await....

Cosmic_GurL said...

Yucker! How the hell does cockroaches' pee taste like?? Oh..sidetracked for a moment there. Whre u going la??

eyeris said...

that 'sickness' wouldn't happen to have anything to do with the impotence of a certain beanpole, would it? :D

BTW, Yours is one of the more interesting new blogs around now. pray continue. :D

Yng Lyn said...

eyeris is right... pls continue!!

and nope, you dont sound tired!

Hot Tea said...

1. Your reference to politics and economy sends me off into the big O's. Keep going.

2. What kind of help does this blogger need?

3. Size DOES matter lahh. I can attest to that. Why wouldn't you help her. Wait, she deleted it, what was she talking about?

4. Reminds me of the Starkist Tuna commercial. Charlie the tuna has good taste but we prefer good tasting tuna. That's my fishy story of the day.

5. Aiyaaa... ask me to "update larrrr" and then you talk about a hiatus?? What's that all about?

Ms J said...

oit, and why didnt you PLUG my blog? i am hurt and wounded.

Angel Eyes said...

hmm.. hm...

sic6sense said...

thanks for the comments. i blame the weather for the histrionics.