Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Global Local Orgasm

"Ive got someone for you"

"Indian Muslim from New York"

"His holiday home in Martinique is featured in Travel and Living"

"He's flying in on his private jet this Friday"
"mmmm oooooo ahhhhh"

"So I will reserve the seat next to him at dinner for you?"
"Yes! Yes!

The one with the multiple orgasm is an A list local socialite although she will be amongst other A listers. Some Bs and Cs are thrown in to create a menu so extensive that a bite is hard to resist, second helpings are welcomed and doggie bagging is encouraged. Of course, the protaganist makes good commission and promises more fat cats in future. Forget Local, Go Global.

Whats disconcerting is not the fact that our 'best' women are hankering for a better lifestyle but the fact that the perceived growth of male millionaires in this country is just a fallacy. There's just too few genuine ones for too many 'best' women. This is better explained in another post which involves economic, political and social dissection. Stuff that people talk about in pubs.

One other thing...... the concerned A lister was/is currently in a relationship with the son of a local billionaire.


[Is]landa said...

*sigh* typical.

vic said...

She started off as a typical asian woman. By the time she was having her orgasm she was just being a typical human being :D

Just the other morning, the hitz radio morning crew DJs pulled a gotcha! prank on a young malay woman at KL. Called as a nerdy stammering local, she cut the call. When he called again and impersonated a south african expat asking she show him around KL, she was practically all over him.

seen it all in chat rooms over the years. (those were the fun days) sigh.

plenteh of everything said...

Ooh.. I love these 'guessing games'.

Does this particular A-lister fancy herself a bit of a ... 'chanteuse' too? ;)


babulicious said...

We are all whores of sorts. Be it female or male, A-listers or non-listers. Always selling ourselves; short or otherwise, for some reason or other.
Some need pimps, some don't.

In this case, it's just pure economics.

Noni said...

I think I know who this A-lister is oso... but she's not 1/2 as 5l**y as her Dad though... hehehe

sic6sense said...

ylanda, I dont see anything wrong in wanting a better life.

vic, heard that prank too. Thought it was hilarious. And I dont think the woman was embarassed!

plenteh, it could be any of the so called 3,000 A listers. :P

babulicious, I guess its a noble exchange then.

noni, wrong. try again! then again, she could be doing it too.

[Is]landa said...

never said there was anything wrong in wanting a better life.

Cosmic_GurL said...

So whre can I grab one of these sons of billionaires? I guess u have to look a certain way to attract these people

Angel Eyes said...

ladies, go and grab these people while you still can!


sic6sense said...

ylanda, of course but where do you draw the line?

cosmic_gurl, to these foreigners, we're all exotic looking. Got hopelah.

angel eyes, i can put you on the mailing list.

[Is]landa said...

i dont see any lines.

Noni said...

alamak.. salah ka? How many eligible sons of billionaires are there who could be dating an 'A lister'? U sure i got it wrong? The 'A lister' with a **lutty Dad? wrong ka?

sexotic? Mat sallehs tell me that all the time... i tell them so is a papaya...

with that, i thank u.

sic6sense said...

ylanda, i forget you're "no boundaries"!

noneed,papaya eh. Sure or not?