Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Circle

I live in my own world,
for I know no other;
But they say its always better elsewhere.

Elsewhere I stood;
For now I know better,
why they say its always better elsewhere.

This circle of dissatisfaction doesnt have an end. Therein lies the point.


Cosmic_GurL said...

As long as we're breathing, we will nvr be satisfied with wht we have. The grass always looked greener on the other side. Word.

[Is]landa said...

go have a martini ;)

babulicious said...

There is truth to be said that as humans we will never find satisfaction. There is none to be had. My theory for myself is to ameliorate everytime one seeks that so called satisfaction elsewhere and carry it with you onto the next and; to the next.

Enjoy and gain from whatever that moment/experience has to offer, for it will not last. The next will always be different.

Life isn't stagnant. We wouldn't want it to be a BORE.

Just like reading this blogger's musings, i seek others to read in search of further amusement.
That does not mean i'm disloyal, darling sic!

sic6sense said...

cosmic_gurl, word indeed. I like to be satisfied though. ;)

ylanda, this post is a result from too many martinis!

babulicious, you trollop!